Sunday, October 1, 2017

Interesting thing the priest said about "Time" at my Grandma's funeral

One quick thing I forgot to document on Friday. 
During my grandma's funeral the priest made a joke about Flintstone, Georgia and the cartoon show.(Uncle Barney married to Betty and so on) Later in the mass I looked down at the book in front of me and I noticed that a page was folded leaving a gap. I looked at all the other books in the row I was sitting in and only the book in front of me had a gap like that. I opened it up and of course the date on the page was 9/24, which is the day my grandma died. 
I also documented a bunch about Time in regards to her. Such as her name is EL LIE and she died 1,440 days after her first child "Kelly Charles Murphy"=1440(Jewish)....There's 1440 minutes in a day, El is the Keeper of Time and so on. 

The priest also said that since my grandma died she is no longer bounded by Time and Time doesn't exist in the dimension she is now in. I about crapped my pants when he said that lol and I know no one else thought anything of it.  
Joel David McNeil=87(rev red) The priest. 

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