Tuesday, October 10, 2017

More Game Show connections-Wheel of Fortune-The Chase-Let's Make a Deal-The Newlywed Game-Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader-The Wall

I figured I'd look into Wheel of Fortune as I have looked into other game shows. 
Wheel of Fortune=74, 173, 61(rev red), 205(reverse)
It premiered on January 6th 1975.   6/1. 
Never used this cipher before but.....
Charles Woolery=173(Jewish Ordinal)
Susanna Gail Carney=173(Jewish Ordinal)(Susan Stafford's name)

Patrick Sajdak=124
Wheel of Fortune=124(E)
Jack Clark=124(announcer when Sajak Started)

Vanna Rosich=124, 173(reverse)

Pat Sajak's first episode was 2 months 2 days after his bday. 
Pat Sajak=79
79 the 22nd prime number. 

Some other game shows I can think of off the top of my head....
The Chase=33, 69 and 147(reverse)
Mark Labbett=33(The Beast)
Brooke=33(rev red)
Notice the first episode aired on 8/6 that leaves 147 days in the year. 

The host of the original UK version is Bradley Walsh. 
Bradley John Walsh=69
The Chase=69

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?=124
Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy=124

The Newlywed Game=235(reverse)
Sherri Evonne Shepherd=235

Wayne Brady=46
Let's Make a Deal=46(s)

Christopher Hardwick=108
The Wall=108(reverse)

Deal or No Deal=101(E)
Howard Michael Mandel=101(rev red)

Family Feud=51(rev red)
Steve Harvey=51

The Price is Right=102
Drew Carey=102=Bill Cullen

Ben Gleib=38

Alex Trebek=40

It's not every show I looked at, but enough to make you wonder. Also many of the ones that don't sync with the show seem to have numbers such as 39, 74, 96....
Or stuff such as the host of Divided who is more famous for hosting "Beauty and the Geek". 
Beauty and the Geek=64
Mike Richards=64

Or Hal March the host of "The $64,000 Question". 
Hal March=64

Ha, Freddy's Dead is on right now too. He just said everywhere has an Elm St and it showed a sign that said "Elm St". 
Elm St=69
Freddy Krueger=69(rev red)
Sixty Nine=50(rev red)
Dream World=50

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