Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Marilyn Manson 6:19 Heaven Upside Down-The Simpsons 619th episode on 10/1/17-Revelation 12

A bit ago when the Simpsons mentioned 9/11 just as I was talking about it, I noticed that the newest episode of The Simpsons is number 619. 
It came out on 10/1 which is the same day we got the Marilyn Manson getting hurt in New York story in the news. He got hurt on 9/30, but the news came out on 10/1. 

While researching about Manson's newest album "Heaven Upside Down" I seen he promoted it with the number 6:19. I tried figuring out what it might mean but wasn't for sure. 
Interesting how his Say10 song involved Donald Trump....
Six Nineteen=60(rev red), 138, 159(reverse) also 523(satanic)
Donald Trump=60(rev red), 138, 159(reverse) and 523(satanic)
Also 6/19 to 8/21 or 21/8(eclipse) is 63 days. 
The Time Has come=63, 144, 444(Jewish)
Cross of Lorraine=218(reverse)
619 is also the 114th prime number. 
World War=114=Pearl Harbor=Holocaust.....

I just watched the 619th episode of the Simpsons and the Plot involves a Red Dragon that gives the world Magic abilities. 
They also make fun of government, by joking about how Feudalism is what we know so it has to be to the best thing. 

The reason the Red Dragon is so significant to Marilyn Manson is because in Revelation 12 it mentions the Red Dragon.
Remember the album "Heaven Upside Down" begins with a song called "Revelation #12". 
In revelation 12:5 it mentions the Man Child...the Man Son...

Interesting too that a lot of channels on Youtube and other places putting out info of the Eclipse and 9/23 being connected to Revelation 12. Even Marilyn Manson's 6th song on the Album is called Saturnalia and talks about the 2017 Eclipse. 

This episode also has Mr. Burns with small Wings possibly hinting he is a Fallen Angel? Or something to do with Angels?  He makes humans push a wheel in a circle yet it's not doing anything. Basically controlling them as slaves and they don't even know it. He says it creates Human Misery though which ground up and snorted gives you wings that do nothing. 

There is also a Lion named Aslan that comes to spread The Word more than once in the episode. 
Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. 
Aslan is the Lion on the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe that also represents Jesus. 
The Word=33(rev red)
Bible=33(rev red)

The whole episode too they make jokes about what the Afterlife actually is. Homer says it's Fields of Bliss, some other guy says it's being slaughtered by your enemy. Another says you count Goblin Jesus' money..Another says 71 mermaids...Another says Mushrooms....Then Bart Says what if it's nothing....

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