Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kid who almost caught Astros Homerun-Angels in the Outfield story

Whether this is a true story or not, how interesting is it that I have been hinting at this all year. It seems as if Angels are helping me understand this knowledge or there is something trying to convince me of this. All of these weird synchronicities as if I'm being led to look certain things up and signs appearing constantly.... 
I mean if you look it up there are multiple places that show that Angels numbers and what not.... 
Thinking about how Solomon could supposedly control demons and what not as well. 

This family supposedly sits down and see 2 other boys with the exact same names as their son and son who just died. Then Carson goes on to get a Homerun hit right to him? 
Aaron James Judge=144, 261(reverse)
One Hundred Forty Four=261(reverse)
Also in regards to the Ralphie May stuff and the connections of 231 and 124.....
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse)
Cade Riley died in "Liberty Hill, Texas"=231(reverse)
He died in an ATV accident....This just reminds me of the film Angels in the Outfield as they beat the White Sox at the end of the film and we just got the death of former White Sox Daniel Webb in an ATV Accident. 
Robert McDaniel Webb=81, 171, 108(rev red), 315(reverse)
Cade and Carson Riley=81, 171, 108(rev red), 315(reverse)

All that being said though it was absolutely obvious Aaron Judge didn't even try to catch that ball. 
Also it was a Homerun hit by Carlos Correa. 
CC and the boy who catches it was Carson and his angel brother Cade. 

Angels in the Outfield(1994) reminds me of Tony Danza as he is going to die in the movie. Tony Danza from Brooklyn...Think about that in regards to the Dodgers and Los Angeles also where the Angels play. The weirdest thing ever but Tony Danza always reminds me of the song "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. 
Hold me closer Tony Danza(Tiny Dancer). 
Tiny Dancer=113
Elton John=113

I like how they mention numbers in this story too. All about 53. 
The dad's name is "Mike Riley"=53
This reminds me of the Nebraska Cornhuskers coach who was born in 53'. 
Herbie the Lovebug car # 53. (Herbie Husker). 

Notice Correa's Home run was on the 54th pitch but the screen when he hit it was on 53 too. 

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  1. 'Ken Giles banged his chest 3 times and then turned to 3rd base'. Genuinely unbelievable how everyone doesn't see through these garbage stories. I'm surprised they didn't mention Jeffrey Maier is 33 years old now.