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Trump and Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas Stuff back in the News-Jamestown-Virginia-Royal Family

I find it interesting that I've been mentioning this connection to my videos from October...Fleetwood Mac/Nebraska/Kanye we are getting a story of Trump not being able to call Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas again...if you notice right around this same time I also had the video about Elizabeth Warren's DNA and Trump calling her Pocahontas. 
Also interesting as much as I've talked about Nebraska another video is about the Westroads Mall Shooting. 

Also think about why "Pocahontas" is important to the recent stuff I've been documenting. It's all about "Virginia"...Jamestown...John Smith. 
It makes even more sense why LeBron James and Rondo attended the Virginia vs Duke game too....
Jamestown named after King James...
Then King James goes to the game in Virginia....also the game in Charlottesville, Virginia as well....which syncs it up to Michael Jordan/NBA All Star Week. 
Virginia the Cavaliers...a follower of King Charles. 

Virginia's coach Tony Bennett even only played for 1 NBA team in his career....the Charlotte Hornets. 
Remember in 2016 he collapsed and it was synced to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the singer Tony Bennett who is famous for the song "I left my heart in San Francisco". 
The singer was 89 years old..
Queen Elizabeth II was 89 years old. 
Virginia=89=Virginia Cavaliers=King James=Religion

We also had the amtrak derailment of train # 89 going from Philadelphia to Savannah, Georgia. The Cavs had just recently picked up JORDAN McRae from Savannah, Georgia. He was the leading scorer when Lebron sat out the final game of the regular season.  
It's interesting all of this was connected to Bam Margera and recently I did a video on him...I get at least 1 message everyday talking shit on that video too. I've been wondering why and now I think I understand. 
He collapsed against Hampton(Virginia) which is interesting because that's where Allen Iverson is from....Remember Bow Wow wears the Iverson jersey in "Like Mike"...Iverson and Patrick Ewing the only players out of Georgetown to be the # 1 draft pick. The reason Ewing was important was because everything was connected to 1985 that year....Ewings GTown team lost to Villanova in the 1985 championship....then Villanova beat UNC in the 2016 championship....It was like Kobe(Vill/Philadelphia) vs Jordan(UNC). 
Ewing was a coach for the Charlotte Hornets at the time. 
Ewing also from KINGston, Jamaica. 

I see now too that Iverson born on 6/7....same day as Prince and Pence. 
Queen Elizabeth II has been queen for 67 years now. 
Zion Williamson born on 7/6 or 6/7(Eastern Valentines)..also George Bush and Mike Riley's bdays.
In January I mentioned the Southern California Bowling Alley reminding of Iverson and the number 56 which I said was really important in my last video. 
Remember Iverson's bowling fight that put him in jail was on Valentines Day too. 
Think about Carmelo Anthony not playing this year too and his connection to Iverson. 
Denver Nuggets=190
King Charles=190
The Nuggets also have Isaiah Thomas who was all about the King Symbolism. 

I'm just thinking about all of the Bridge Symbolism too and how it's important to Virginia...Remember the Bridgewater Shooting was in Moneta, Virginia. 
I also mentioned multiple times on my old blog posts how stories out of Virginia seem to be connected to Philadelphia so interesting to note. 

RALPH Sampson was also at the Duke vs Virginia game...I just documented about him in regards to Super Bowl 7 and Elvis in Hawaii. The Neil S. Blaisdell center is where his Virginia team lost in what many consider the biggest upset in sports. 

I started writing this post earlier tonight and had a bunch of other things to do. I just got back from picking my girlfriends mom at work and figured I'd look at my old post about Trump and Pocahontas. We just got DirectTv hooked up today and when I left my girlfriend was watching the Simpsons. It was an episode about Homer being attracted to one of his coworkers. Before I left I asked her if he does it, as I've never seen the episode.....anyway I come home and look up my old post and I see I talked about the Simpsons episode where it says "Freemasons Run the Country". As I'm reading this post I hear the TV say Casino and I looked up at the TV and of course it's the Freemasons run the Country episode now playing on the TV. 
I mean think about it too in regards to the episode being about a Casino which many native americans run. 

Trump Pocahontas Navajo Code Talkers-Simpsons

Better yet the term "New England" was coined by John Smith. 
Think about the New England Patriots who just won yet another Super Bowl. 
John Smith=127

Donald Trump's whole presidency has been synced up to the native american theme as well. 
In 2016 when he was elected the stories all summer were connected to a native american theme which is why I thought the Indians would be in the WS. 
Pence from the land of the Indian. 
Prince's Yellowcloud guitar to Colts(land of Indian) owner.
Standing Rock..
Prince and Pence born on 6/7. 
Cleveland Indians=67
Prince Charles was 67 years old when Trump won the election. 
This year is Elizabeth's 67th year as Queen. 
I even mentioned Andrew Jackson(Indian Removal Act) Harriet Tubman on the 20. 
Andrew Jackson=48, 138
Donald Trump=48, 138
Jackson was the first president to win the popular vote and lose the election. Then later Trump won the election but lost the Popular vote. 

Then the Indians lost in the World Series just before Trump won the election. Remember the Simpsons episode that Lisa said she was president AFTER Trump in Bart's vision from the Indian Casino......

Now we are getting stories of all these Women running for president...Trump applauding all the Women in Congress at his state of the union. 

Also thinking about Virginia...
It's named for Elizabeth I(The Virgin Queen) who was the last of the house of Tudor. If you look up the Virginia Cavaliers arena it was built because it was funded Paul TUDOR Jones. When Elizabeth I died King James became the King ending the House of Tudor and beginning the House of Stuart. If Elizabeth II dies then the House of Windsor will end. 
Remember back in November I was talking about Derrick Rose having that great game and then the Prince Tribute Jersey game against the Trailblazers(City of Roses)? In 2016 we got the Reburial of King Richard III which is why the Cavaliers and Leicester won the Finals....Richard III's death ended the War of the ROSES in which the House of Tudor came out of. 

Elizabeth Ann Warren=88
Trump had his national Convention in Cleveland coming out to the Queen Song we are the Champions 88 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday. 

Not sure if it's significant but Elizabeth Warren also announced she was running for president on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's only sibling (Margaret) dying. 
It was 133 days before Warren's bday. 
Margaret died 17 years ago age 71'...
House of Windsor established on 7/17/17 and so on...

Prince Charles is also visiting Cuba which is interesting as Fidel Castro died just after Trump won the election in 2016....Earlier that year Obama was the first acting president since Coolidge to go to Cuba 88 years before. 
John Calvin Coolidge=88
Fidel and the Cuba plane crash in 2018 were all about the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market crash..Fidel's bday on the day the Berlin Wall was constructed..

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