Sunday, February 17, 2019

Panic at the Hamilton Performance in San Francisco-Mike Pence Harassed by Hamilton Cast story in 2016-Bridge Symbolism?

This story comes on 2/15 is interesting as in 2019 it will be the 215th anniversary of Aaron Burr killing Alexander Hamilton. The Musical came out in the year 2015(215). 

This story just reminds me of the drama with Mike Pence at Hamilton in 2016. 
It came 4 months 8 days after the Burr-Hamilton Duel. 
Wall=48=Donald Trump
Pence became the 48th Vice president. He is 45 VP's after Aaron Burr. 
Mike Pence=45
Trump the 45th president. 
Aaron Burr=45
Hamilton Cast=45
Harassed=48(what the media highlighted). 

Also thinking about the Blackface stories as I pointed out that the musical has african american guys portraying Burr and Hamilton. We are made to think from history that Burr and Hamilton were white guys. They made the Hamilton thing about Race as well. 

This story comes 8 months 8 days after Pence's bday..

It also comes 8 months 1 day after Trump's bday. 
Mike Pence=81

Also this story coming out of San Francisco reminds me of how the Bridge Symbolism is important to the number 81. 

Notice it's 5 months 27 days before 8/11 a date we've pointed out might be significant with San Francisco/Golden Gate. 
The Golden Gate Bridge opened 81 years ago on 5/27. 
Golden Gate Bridge=81

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