Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Childish Gambino makes History at the Grammy's

This Grammy History comes 281 days after the song This is America came out. 
281 is the 60th prime number. 
Donald Glover=60(his real name)
Grammy Awards=181....the 42nd prime. 
Nigger=42, 60
He even has 4.2 Million Subs on Youtube currently. 
We are getting this story on the 42nd day of the year in "February"=42

He wins this award 138 days after his bday. 
Donald Trump=138 and 60
This is America=134
Make America Great Again=134

In the video he does a stance similar to the caricature of Jim Crow. 
How fitting considering the recent news in Virginia. 
Remember Jim Crow is a character created by Thomas Rice who died in the year 60'. 
Thomas Rice=60
Trickster=42, 60
Whites Only=60

The Grammy's were on 10/2. 

Childish Gambino also shares a bday with Mark Herring who blackfaced as Kurtis Blow. 
He's got an interesting middle name as well...."McKinley"...like the 25th president who was assassinated...
Donald McKinley...
Trump=25=Pence and so on..

McKinley born on 1/29
Childish Gambino=129
Mckinley also died on the 87th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner being written....he was replaced by 42 year old Teddy Roosevelt who died age 60. 
McKinley died 43 days before Roosevelt's 43rd bday...
Remember Roosevelt important to the Philando Castile Story and McKinley important to the Alton Sterling story. 
Both Stories came out on 7/6 or 6/7...
Pence born on 6/7 or 7/6. 
Trump born on Flag day...think about that in relation to McKinley's death date..

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