Thursday, February 7, 2019

Frank Robinson first black Manager in MLB dies-Cleveland Indians 624-Rocky Colavito

Here we go again with the first BLACK something's to die in Black History Month. I've been saying how what I was documenting about in 2015 is connected to what's going on currently. In 2015 we had the deaths of the FIRST: 
Black NBA Player(Earl Lloyd)(February)
Black PGA Player (Charlie Sifford)(February)
Black Cuban White Sox Player(Minnie Minoso)(March 1st)

Also a story of the first Black American NHL Player(Val James)(February)

He became the first black manager with the Cleveland Indians. 
Frank Robinson=78
First Black Manager=160
He died 160 days after his bday. 
In regards to the Indians too notice he died 6 months 24 days before his bday. 
Rocky Colavito=624 and so on...
I see he made his playing debut on 4/17/1956 which is interesting as it's exactly 4 years before the Rocky Colavito trade to Detroit. 

He dies 4 months 17 days before 6/24 too. 

2019 will be the 70th season after the 1948 season when the Indians last won a World Series. 
First Black Manager=70

The Indians are also hosting the All Star Game this season. 
It's also the 150th season of the MLB...
World Series=150
The World Series begins on 10/22 which leaves 70 days in the year. 
Frank Robinson won the World Series as a player in 1970. 
There seems to be a riddle every year with the Indians, so just following the pattern again to see where it may lead. 

He also was manager of the year in 1989 which is interesting in regards to the Earthquake World Series. 

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