Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jussie Smollett's first film was the Mighty Ducks-We are the Champions by Queen

A story I didn't look into the same day I got a Youtube Strike was the 2 men arrested in the Jussie Smollett attack. Go back and look at my post as it was connected to the Ducks/Mighty Duck stuff....we even got the Aurora, Illinois shooting connected to the Aurora Bridge Duck Bus crash. 

How awesome looking at Jussie Smollett...he's Terry Hall in the film The Mighty Ducks. The guy who always says "Cake Eater" is his brother in the film. 

Notice The Mighty Ducks was Smolletts first film too. 

Think about his attack taking place in Chicago and the Aurora  Shooting just outside of Chicago. 

The story I'm talking about came out on the 46th day of the year. 
Jussie Smollett=46, 199
46th prime is 199. 

The original attack supposedly happened 143 days before Smollett's bday. 
It's where Empire is filmed too although it's settting is actually New York. 

Notice it was also 7 months 8 days after his bday. 
New York=78(reverse)

The last episode of Empire to air before this attack was season 5 episode 9....
We know why 59 is important to black people. 

Thinking about Mighty Ducks I figured I'd look up Kenan Thompson considering the racial stuff. Plus he's on SNL that's connected to Trump...
Notice his bday of 5/10....
I just reposted the importance of 510 earlier today. 

Kenan Thompson=60
Nigger=60, 42
He didn't come until D2: The Mighty Ducks though..

Kel Mitchell is in the film "Like Mike 2" as well. 

Think how a lot of this started with the Virginia stuff connected to basketball. The NCAA tournament championship will be in Minneapolis....the Mighty Ducks also from Minneapolis. 

Think about the Mighty Ducks as well in regards to the song "We are the Champions" by Queen. The first and second films end with that song. Think about Trump's national convention in Cleveland coming out to that song in connection to the Queen. Also Bohemian Rhapsody being released in November just after I talked about the importance of the band Queen with Kanye/Fleetwood Mac and so on..


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