Friday, February 15, 2019

Youtube Strike I got today on a music video from 2011-Pink-Molly Ringwald-Duck Bus-Aurora, Illinois Shooting-Trump's National Emergency-Colin Kaepernick NFL Settlement

I just went to my email and Youtube has removed one of my old music videos called "Club Life". I also got a Strike on my channel. 

This is by far the least offensive video I have in regards to my music videos on Youtube so it makes no sense it's being removed today. Especially considering it's been on here since May 9th, 2011. 
All I did was take random pictures of girls at a club and put them in a video and the above pictures are the most revealing pics of the whole video? 

The real reason I think it got removed is because during the chorus I took a .gif of the film "The Breakfast Club". Think about how I've been saying "Pink" and Molly Ringwald are her bday is coming up in a few days. I honestly have no idea why I even put this in the video, I'm assuming it was the first thing that came up when I was looking for a .gif of girls dancing? 
I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid and I really didn't like it that much anyway so I don't know much about it. 

Look at that too...The Breakfast Club released exactly 34 years ago today. 
Club Life=34
Notice I got the email at 10:52am as well and today is 15/2. 

Funny how 34 was really important to the Wall/Moses/Nebraska stuff too and I get this on today. The anniversary of the University of Nebraska/Lupercalia..
We also got Trump Declaring a National Emergency about the Wall and Colin Kaepernick reaching a settlement with the NFL today. 

We also have a story about Aurora, Illinois and an active shooter today. Remember how Molly Ringwald was synced up to the "Duck" thing too. (Her friend is Ducky on Pretty in Pink)...Goldberg the Goalie's last film was "Drillbit Taylor" which was also John Hughes final movie. Drillbit Taylor gets his Pinkie finger cut off. 
Goldberg the goalie was synced to the Duck Bus crash on the Aurora bridge in Seattle. In the film Drillbit Taylor he's even the Bus Driver. Also synced to the Duck BOAT drowing in 2018. 

We just got a story of the Duck Bus crash from 2015 too that I mentioned in my most recent video. It was in regards to the song "Basketball" being on the show "The Goldbergs". The Goldbergs opened the newest season up with an episode called "Sixteen Candles". 

So what are the odds now a story about AURORA, Illinois? 

I mentioned in my Jerry Sandusky video too that the Nebraska stuff might just be important to Chicago? 
Michael Jordan...Valentines Day Massacre...Zach Lavine...Chris Farley

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