Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ex-Seahawks Player(TJ Cunningham) from Aurora, Colorado dies age 46 in a shooting over Parking Space

This story was a CNN headline article today. A story of ex 
NFL player T.J. Cunningham dying in a shooting. 
Notice he is from AURORA, Colorado.....this comes just days after the Aurora, Illinois Shooting and a story of the Aurora Bus Crash from 2015. 
He played for Seattle where the Aurora bridge is.  He dies age 46. 
The shooting on the 46th day of the year. 

He dies 8 months 7 days before his bday. 

He dies just after Super Bowl 53 from getting shot by Marcus Johnson. 
Marcus Johnson=53
TJ Cunningham=53

  • This just before the 87th anniversary of the Aurora bridge opening on the 53rd day of the year. 

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