Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Blood Moon event on 9/27/2015 began at 8:11pm Eastern Time

I'm watching some of my old videos in regards to San Francisco/Jerry Sandusky/Blood Moon because Sandusky was in the news today. Earlier today I saw Zach post about the Blood Wolf Moon being 202 days before 8/11...
San Francisco=202
I wondered about the Blood Moon when Pope Francis left the US..the 4th of the Tetrad. 
Anyway I see that it began at 8:11pm Mountain Time in the United State. 
Just documenting it as I find it interesting it would begin anywhere at that time. 
Also note that it came to an end at 9:23pm in Mountain time...think about how that was important to Pope Francis who left the US from Philadlephia just before this Moon. 

Note the whole event began at 8:11pm Eastern Time as well. 

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