Wednesday, February 6, 2019

John WALL tears his Achilles at home-Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un on 2/27

You have got to be kidding me...John WALL gets injured in a FALL at his home. The guy who plays for the team in Washington...think about it. 
They notice a partial tear on January 8th and then fell on 1/29 and injured it completely. 
So they noticed the partial rupture on the same day Donald Trump addressed the nation in Washington about Building the WALL. 
Wall=48, 60
Donald Trump=48, 60
Achilles Tendon=60
Wall is also 28 years old and this story comes 28 days after January 8th. 

It also sticks out that we get this story the same day Trump has his State of the Union and it was supposed to be on 1/29 which is the day Wall Fell at his home. 

Also think about how 1/8 is Kim Jong Un's bday...Trump winning the biggest election upset since Harry S. Truman won in 48'. 
Kim Jong Un=48
World War=48
North Korea established 48'. 

Trump announced the next meeting with Kim Jong Un will be on 2/27. 
Think how I have been documenting about France being important to 227. 
Wall ruptures his ACHILLES...Achilles killed by Paris in the Battle of Troy. 

Vietnam=48 and 42
Kim Jong Un=42, 48
World War=42, 48

Johnathan Hildred Wall Jr=42
He discovered the partial rupture 4 months 2 days after his bday. 
With the end date it's 125 days which is interesting..
North Korea=125

He injured it completely 145 days after his bday..
North Korea=145

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  1. Actor "JOHN" Heard Jr. was born in Washington, DC and he died in 2017. 20-17 was the final score in Superbowl XXXVI (St. Louis Rams vs Patriots). Heard was in the 1993(93) movie "The PELICAN Brief" with Julia Roberts and Denzel WASHINGTON, about government campaign corruption and the extinction of the Louisiana BROWN Pelican. Heard was married to Actress Margot Kidder, who died in 2018 in Montana, the 41st State.
    41 is the 13th prime (Tom Brady is 41 and the Patriots defeated the Rams by 13 pts)

    In "The Pelican Brief" an Actor "Robert Culp" played a corrupt US President and he was the "Texas Ranger" in the TV Western 'Trackdown".
    As you well know, there's an episode titled: "The End Of The World", about a man named Trump who tries to convince Townspeople to building a WALL.