Thursday, February 28, 2019

May 13th is the day the US declared War in the Mexican-American War-James Polk-Donald Trump-Wall

Last night I mentioned May 13th again. 
I noticed that May 13th was also the day the United States Declared War in the Mexican-American War. It's fitting for the controversy with the WALL. 

The president during the Mexican American War was James Polk. 
Notice he died on the 166th day of the year. 
James Knox Polk=166, 141
He also died 141 days before his bday. 

Remember how I mentioned 166 and 513 are important together. 
May Thirteenth=166

In regards to Prince it's interesting Polk's bday is 11/2...Prince dying on the 112th day and so on..

Also interesting in regards to the Wall...
James Knox Polk=68(rev red) and 185(reverse)
Donald John Trump=68 and 185


  1. March 1st is 6/24 on the Hebrew and Islamic Calendars. Technically from sunset tonight to sunset tomorrow.

  2. Oakland = 166 ext. Oakland A's and Seattle Mariners series in Tokyo for the season opener. The artist who created the Momo sculpture forna Tokyo art show is "Keisuke Aisawa" = 135 ordinal 1331 Jewish.

  3. Just keeps on giving. the 2 game series will be counted as home games for Oakland. Currently the Mariners Away record is 133-190. If they win two they'll be at 135 total games 325 with the series ending on a date a 325 day span from the day it was announced May 1st, 2018. 325 sum of the magic square of Mars.