Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dennis Rodman born on 5/13 and visited Korea on 2/26-Carmen Electra famous because of PRINCE

I mentioned Dennis Rodman in my video about Prince/Trailblazers last night. I was saying how May 13th or 513 was important. I didn't even realize or I forgot that Dennis Rodman's bday is 513. 
Notice the first time he ever visited North Korea was also on 2/26 which was another important thing I mentioned in the video. 
Think about the date of 8/11 as well as it is Hulk Hogan's bday. Rodman was also in the NWO and fought with Hulk Hogan. 
Think about Rodman's connection to Michael Jordan as well. I didn't really think about that until now. 
Remember on the Celebrity Death Match episode of Prince Charles vs Prince(singer) it also featured Rodman vs Michael Jordan and Steven Seagal vs David Spade. 

Think about the Blackface synchronicity I had with being Dennis Rodman on his wedding day for Halloween too. 

Look at this....just wow.....The wedding I was portraying in my costume was his wedding to Carmen Electra. Notice that she got famous after moving to Minneapolis and meeting PRINCE who produced her debut album. 

Rodman and Electra even got married on Prince Charles bday in 1998. 

I have to go grocery shopping but I will definitely look more into this when I get back. I knew Rodman was important, but I didn't see this much before. 

I just found out that Dennis Rodman didn't wear the wedding dress when he married Carmen Electra. It was to promote his book "Bad as I wanna Be" a few years before he married her. I always thought it was for his wedding to her. It's still significant, but I wanted to point this out as I didn't realize this before. Funny I've mixed it up for years. 

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  1. listening to Zach this morning. He talked a tom about the 135 and Philadelphia. Philadelphia a part of the Golden Gate Code of course. They gave area codes 215 and 267. 267° the location of the astrological Golden Gate