Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Synchronicity for the Day and some thoughts about it-Israel-New Mexico-Wall-11-215-Pink

Some random things that I just want to document so I don't forget. 
Today at work of course the receipt paper ran out again while I was working. It turns Pink and then only has a small amount left before it runs out. I started thinking about the Pink symbolism and when I looked up a guy walked in with a Pink Stocking hat on. It seemed strange to me because he looked like a rough type of construction worker and then had a Pink hat on of all colors. Anyway when I rang him up the total came to $6.24 which I thought was hilarious, but didn't say anything. 

It's been a long day today as well. Our furnace wasn't working and I didn't have time to fix it before work. I thought I had it fixed but it still wasn't working I guess. Once off work I had my dad come mess with it, because he's can fix about anything. Of course he does the same thing I did and it works just fine now...but it was 50 degrees in the house and took forever to heat up. In the process of this I get a text message from my cousin who moved into my grandma's house behind my house telling me that I need to let my dog in because it's too cold. Not going to type my thoughts on it, because I'll be here all night haha... but I thought it was funny that today is the 50th day of the year. My name equals 50 and her name equals 50. The dog was just fine though and he has a warm spot in the garage, but I let him in after the furnace was fixed and text her back.
I finally sit down and find out I have to  pick up my girlfriends brother at work. He only works like 40 miles away and it's snowing like crazy out which was a fun drive, but 3 hours later I am home.
Idiotest Host is 1 of my 114 Followers on Twitter 
Anyway on my way there I was thinking about my video with the host of Idiotest following me on Twitter. We just got satellite again and last night I watched part of an episode of Idiotest and it reminded me of it. 
He was born on 6/18(War of 1812)
His bday is 7 months 8 days before mine. 
He followed me on Twitter 78 days after my bday. 
This video I also mention my Dad/Father symbolism which is funny as my dad was here earlier helping me with the furnace. 
Anyway for whatever the reason I was thinking how the host is also Jewish in regards to Kabbalah. 

When I got home I checked my email. I had a notification that I didn't respond to of an invite on Linkedin from Rami even-esh. I've never used Linkedin and I got a message from this person on Valentines day as well for this. I clicked on it and noticed who this person actually is. It's a rapper I went and saw at the Waiting Room a long time ago. He is known for being a Jewish Rapper. I remember joining his fan mailing list and got a few emails of stuff from him...but it seems weird to me that now he's adding me to his Linkedin? Possibly it's nothing but it's still worth noting considering the Jewish aspect of it in regards to Ben Gleib. 

The only reason I went to his concert is because my friend Cody told me about him and wanted to go. The only song I knew before the show was his Sweatpants song....I notice the song came out in 2011 which is probably the year I went and seen him too, but it may have been 2012. We even occasionally say to each other "Everthing is Kosha" because of the concert as well. No one else around us gets it when we talk about this either. 

I'm just thinking about the Rodman Halloween costume in Youtube Strike on a video from 2011....
In November I was talking all about the importance of the number 11....
It's also interesting the video has 215 likes.....his bday is 2 months 15 days before my bday and 2/15 is the day I got that Strike. 
Everything is Kosha=215

Remember all the WALL stuff synced to 48 is also important to Israel who declared it's independence in 48'. 

I need to get some sleep, but I'm gonna think on this. I know it's strange, but there is something important about this I can't put my finger on. Makes me think there might be something important to Israel soon...RAMi
Linkedin=48, 78
Just wanted to document before I forgot. 

Just wanted to show my Linkedin account as I haven't even checked it in years. I just accepted his invitation and the 7 others are people I went to school with in Arizona. It's funny too as on the way to pick up my girlfriends brother tonight I talked about living in Arizona. I mentioned how I think New Mexico is the worst state I've ever been too. It has nothing and then when you get to Albuquerque the houses all look like they are falling over. The Transgender Ma'aM person story was from there...
New Mexico also always reminds me of the shooting story of Nehemiah Griego which is funny as Nehemiah in the bible is all about building the 2nd Wall around the Temple. 


  1. Wild Man!! I did two videos on 215 two weeks ago. I'm sure I mentioned in more than 2 just that two had 215 in the title.

  2. 8/11/2019 is 215 months after 9/11. 141=3x47 the 2nd and 15th primes. 811 is the 141st prime. 347 the 69th prime