Thursday, February 7, 2019

Kurtis Blow in the media days and Blackface days after I mentioned him in the Ralph Northam/Bow Wow Post-Basketball

Oh the odds that Kurtis Blow is in the news in regards to BlackFace done by Mark Herring. I just made a video and a post on how the Blackface story of Ralph Northam was connected to Lil Bow Wow being arrested. In that info I mentioned how Kurtis Blow was connected and we might possibly see a story of Kurtis Blow in the near we are...and the story even involves Blackface.
Notice it came 181 days after Blow's bday. 
181 the 42nd prime. 
Kurtis Blow=42 and is 59 years old. 
We know why these numbers are important to black people and this story comes in Black History Month.  

A big thing I was talking about in regards to Lil Bow Wow and Kurtis Blow is the song "Basketball" and how it's synced up to Michael Jordan/NBA All Star Week. 
Interesting the Bow Wow version came out on 6/24 too. 

This story comes 185 days before his bday. 

Northam the Governor of Virginia...Herring the Attorney General of Virginia...Justin Fairfax(Virginia) also in the news. 
It has to be connected to the Virginia Cavaliers who are currently ranked # 3 in Basketball and have only lost 1 game(Duke). 
If you watch my video talking about Bow Wow and the Ralph Northam it was all about the "KING" symbolism. Think how a Cavalier is a follower of King Charles....Remember the Virginia Cavaliers were important to the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Finals...Possibly the Virginia Cavaliers will win this year? Need to look more at it...or maybe just a catalyst to Duke...When does the tournament start and so on....
This story comes on queen Elizabeth II 67th anniversary being queen.   Think how Kurtis Blows bday is 8/9. 
King James=89

I'll think more about this tomorrow. I just got home from Band practice and I really need sleep. I've been staying up till like 5am everyday this week and I work at 9am. It's been an odd night tonight too. I gave a homeless lady a ride tonight not knowing she was homeless and it took forever to figure out how I was going to get her out of my car. I dropped her off at a warm place and gave her a few blankets and feel bad I couldn't help her more...She was drunk though and that made it even more difficult. 

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  1. (K)urtis "Blow" Walker spells his name with a K instead of a "C", (K=11). He was born in the 11th State, in the year "59" as well. 59 is the 17th prime. 17 years since the alleged 911 Attacks.
    "Kurtis Walker"=156(Reverse Ordinal) 156th prime is 911

    "Kurtis Blow Walker"=67(Full Red.)
    "In Blackface"=67(English Ordinal)

    In regards to you helping the woman that was homeless:

    Hebrews 13:2
    Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.