Saturday, February 9, 2019

Fleetwood Mac's ex-guitarist suffers vocal cord damage-My synchroncity with Goldberg-Stevie Nicks being a GOAT-Kurtis Blow-911-Lupercalia

I'm in the process of uploading a video I made earlier tonight. In the video I talk about the King Symbolism/Kurtis Blow and so on. I even mention how the Death of Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Danny Kirwan and Lindsey Buckingham are important. They called Ralph Northam stuff a "Minstrel Show" and in my video about Fleetwood Mac I talked about Don Lemon calling Kanye West's visit to the White House a Minstrel Show.  
As the video is processing I went to CNN and of course there is a story about Fleetwood Mac. Notice just below it is a story involving Don Lemon too. 

Someone commented earlier in the night on my Fleetwood Mac video too at 9:11pm. I didn't quite understand the message, so interesting we get a story of Lindsey Buckingham on CNN a few hours later. 

The Kurtis Blow story was 127 days after Lindsey Buckingham's bday. 
Lindsey Adams Buckingham=127, 89
His bday on the day that leaves 89 days in the year. 
Kurtis Blow born on 8/9. 
89 important to Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace=89
King James=89

I'm pretty sure that something I am supposed to understand in this story goes back to some synchronicity I had with South Park and Stevie Nicks. Remember in the episode "Osama Bin Laden has Farty Pants" they are taking a GOAT back to Afghanistan and the soldiers think the Goat is Stevie Nicks. Think about how that's important to Lebron James/Michael Jordan/Tom Brady all being compared to as the GOAT.  Buckingham was in a band with Nicks before Fleetwood Mac and only joined if she could join too. Then he said she was the reason he got kicked out last year when he was going to sue the band. 
Notice born in 48' as well. 

Stevie Nicks South Park episode Blog post-911
Think about the episode involving Osama Bin Laden as well in regards to the 9/11 symbolism that is going on with Super Bowl 53. 
Plus Michael Jordan retiring from baseball on 3/10/95 which was Osama Bin Laden's 38th bday. 
Zach Lavine the Teen Wolf(Space Jam Dunk) also born on 3/10/95. So he was born the exact day MJ retired from baseball. 

In the Stevie Nicks South Park post I was talking about the syncs with "Goldberg" in which the TV Show "The Goldbergs" was involved. Notice the song "Basketball"(Blow/Bow Wow) is mentioned being on The Goldbergs. 
Remember this was showing me the RAMS as well because Bill Goldberg(wrestler) was drafted to the Rams and he was billed out of Atlanta where SB 53 was held. 

It was episode 67..
Notice that another episode I mentioned this year was Bohemian RAP City and it's season 6 episode 7. I talked about why Kanye was important to the Fleetwood Mac stuff and the song Bohemian Rhapsody. 
19th prime is 67(2019)...
Kurtis Blow story came on the 67th anniversary of Elizabeth II being Queen. 

Another interesting thing is that I mentioned the importance of Space Jam/Looney Tunes/Kevon Looney in regards to Valentines/Lupercalia. 
In the episode with Stevie Nicks being the Goat, South Park does a bunch of Looney Tunes type bits with Osama Bin Laden. 
Notice during Lupercalia they not only sacrifice a Dog/Wolf..but they sacrifice a male GOAT. 
Stevie Nicks=46
Lupercalia's final day is the 46th day of the year. 
2/15 is the 46th day.
Lindsey Adams Buckingham=215
Tom Brady=46
Vanity=46...died on 2/15(Philadelphia/Jericho/Apollo Creed)
Also 2/15 leaves 319 days in the year...Prince died 319 days after his bday on 6/7(Mike Pence's bday too)...also the song 319. 

Nebraska University founded on 2/15
Chris Farley born on 2/15. 
Christopher McDonald born on 2/15(Shooter McGavin/Philadelphia)
He's also in Leave it to Beaver which is important to Nebraska/Teen Wolf/Penn St. 
I see Conor Oberst of the Omaha band Bright Eyes also born on 2/15 and is 38 years old. "Omaha"=38...just thinking about James Valentine and Maroon 5. 
Just trying to piece this together.....

Osama Bin Laden=56(s)
Isis=56=Paris France
Adolf Hitler=56
Lincoln died age 56
Royal Family=56
Society of Jesus=56
King James Bible=56
Ides of March=56
56 signers on the declaration of Independence..and more.
Flight 175 with 56 passengers struck the tower 56 minutes before it fell. "South Tower"=56
This was a huge number I mentioned in 2015

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