Thursday, February 28, 2019

Facebook Notification with the number 811 in it

I just got off work and checking my email of this comment about 2/26 being 166 days before 8/11. 

Then my phone dings with a notification on Facebook. Notice it says how my band could reach up to 811 people for 100 dollars advertising our next show. 811...a pretty interesting number of people that could be reached. 


  1. 811 the 141st prime
    Revelation 8:11 the 141st verse of Revelation. Merkel and Erdogan born 141 days apart same year and all. Brexit 141 weeks exactly after the 2016 Turkey Coup Attempt on July 15th. Enis Kanter born on the 141st day. May 20th of a leap year. Probably already spilled this on you. You can find the information about the golden gate bridge getting its name from Turkey on the Golden Gate Strait wiki page.