Friday, February 8, 2019

Trump and Kim Jon Un's second meeting in Vietnam-World War-Vietnam War

An interesting thing about Trump and Kim Jong Un's second meeting is that it takes place in Vietnam. 
Notice Vietnam declared it's independence the same day World War II came to an end. 
World War=42
Kim Jong Un=42

Remember Trump and Kim Jong Un's first meeting was on 6/12..
World War=612(Rev sum)

Interesting the Vietnam War began 827 days after the Korean War came to an end. 
827 is the 144th prime number. 
Vietnam War=144

Also interesting that "Hanoi"=25 and 108(Jewish)
They are meeting 108 days before Trump's bday. 
Trump announced the meeting in Vietnam on 2/5. 
Trump=25=Pence and so on...

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