Monday, February 25, 2019

The Munsters star Beverley Owen dies at 81-Old Blog Post about the Munsters-Mighty Ducks-Teen Wolf

She dies 81 days before her bday at the age of 81. 
Beverley Owen=61
Ovarian Cancer=61

It's interesting that she was on 13 episodes before being replaced by Pat Priest as well. 
Marilyn Munster...MM...13...
They don't report it in the mainstream media until today the 56th day of the year. 
Pat Priest=56
Beverley Owen=56
This is the same day the big news story was about Cardinal George Pell being found guilty....think about how that's connected to PRIESTS. 

As much as I've mentioned the Mighty Ducks, I find it interesting that the only time I've mentioned The Munsters on my Blog was in a post about a Junior Hockey team BUS crash on 4/6/2018. 

Some of the other shows she was on are interesting as well...
KRAFT Mystery Theater and The Virginian...
Virginia has been really important this month and we just got the Robert Kraft story in the media. 

All of the mainstream articles tell us that Butch Patrick shared the news on Facebook. 
He was the werewolf boy Eddie Munster on the show...
Think about how Beverley Owen died on the 52nd day of the year, but they don't make it known until the 56th day of the year. 
Wolf=52, 56
Eddie Munster=56
All the Teen Wolf stuff I've mentioned....

Butch Patrick's real name is "Patrick Lilley"=81
Owen died 162 days before his bday. 
The Munsters=162

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