Sunday, February 17, 2019

NFL reaches Settlement with Kaepernick 510 days after Trump called out the NFL-Wall-Korea

Of Course LeBron is with Colin Kaepernick in this scripted show. 

Remember LeBron called Trump a Bum on the same day Trump called out the NFL for kneeling 9/23 or 23/9. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish)
Notice this story comes 48 days after LeBron's bday too. 
Donald Trump=48=Wall and so on...
NFL Settlement=48
The Star Spangled Banner=223=Kaepernick=War of Eighteen Twelve
48th prime number is 223. 

Lebron and Trump connected big time as I have mentioned in multiple previous posts...

Lebron James=114, 183
Colin Rand Kaepernick=114, 183

It's also interesting this happens 510 days after Trump called out the NFL..
Remember 510 is important to North Korea/Trump/JFK. 
The Wall Stuff important to North Korea as well. 

Also Trump's first meeting with Kim Jong Un was 510 days(end date) before Colin Kaepernicks bday this year 2019...without the end date it's 11/4..2019...
Colin Rand Kaepernick=114
Lebron James=114
World War=114

American Flag=510
Francis Scott Key died 5 months 10 days after his bday. 
Trump's bday(Flag Day) in 2018 was his 510th day as president. 
Basketball=510(Dennis Rodman)
Peace Summit=510
Moon Jae In became president on 5/10..
Kim murdered his brother who was born on 5/10. 
Trump-Kim meeting was 5 months 10 days before JFK Assasination anniversary. 
John Kennedy=510
It's important to James Franco who was in the Campaign and 11.22.63...

The Kaepernick story also 145 days after 9/23...
North Korea=145

Basketball=68, 185
Donald John Trump=68, 185

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