Thursday, February 28, 2019

Otto Warmbier went to the University of Virginia-Basketball-Synchronicity with the TV-Rudy and Like Mike up next-DUKE-Goonies-MIKEY

Remember how North Korea released Otto WarmbierWorm Beer) after Dennis "The Worm" went there in 2017. 
Notice Otto went to the University of Virginia. 

Now think about how the Blackface stuff was all about "Basketball" and "Virginia" my synchronicity of painting myself up as Dennis Rodman. 

Otto died age 22 at 2:20. 
Basketball=22, 68
Rodman is 22 years older than Kim Jong Un. 
Kenneth Bae born in 68'. 
Rodman went back to NK in 2013 on 9/3 which was 6 months 8 days after he first arrived on 2/26/13. 

Otto died on 6/19 which is the anniversary of King James' bday.
619 is the 114th prime number. 
Lebron James=114
Kim Jong Un=114
World War=114
Basketball Diplomacy=114
Rodman's first visit to NK was 114 days before Lebron and the Heat won the NBA Finals over the Spurs. 

While writing up this post Zamien started crying so I went upstairs and got him. I was laying on the couch with him trying to get him back to sleep and Claire was watching The Smurfs movie. I remember seeing something like my name is "Blue" and thinking about how I recently mentioned Blue again. Anyway I finally get Zamien back to sleep in his bed upstairs and I come down and sit on the couch. I look up at the TV and this is on...Up Next....Rudy and Later..."LIKE MIKE".....I mean what are the odds the film "Like Mike" is coming up on this channel considering how much I've mentioned it. Plus it's like The Smurfs...then Rudy....Then Like Mike....just seems like an odd combination of films to me. 

Plus Rudy is important because Sean Astin's mother is Patty DUKE who died less than a month before Prince in 2016. 
Sean Astin's birth name is Sean Patrick Duke as well. 

Funnier yet is that today I saw a high school kid wearing a "Goonies" shirt and I said, "oh cool you know the Goonies" because it seems many kids don't anymore. He just smiled and said "Yep", but it still stands out to me...
The Goonies set in Astoria, Oregon thinking about the Prince connection to the Portland Trail Blazers too. 

Also Sean Astin's character is "MIKEY" which is something I documented about recently.
Also Mama Fratelli(Anne Ramsey) is from Omaha, Nebraska and died on 8/11. 

Plus Notre Dame having a good football season this year and the Eagle landing on the Fan story has me thinking now..

I was also talking about books today at work and I mentioned Harrison Bergeron being a great short story and one of my favorites. 
Sean Astin portrays Harrison Bergeron in the film. 
Later in the conversation we talked about exercise equipment and I talked about the Sex machine(Nordic Rider) that my grandma used to have. Then another said she had the belt thing that shakes your fat off, and I even made a joke about doing the Truffle Shuffle and losing weight. This was before I saw the kid with the Goonies shirt....

The Goonies released on 6/7. 

I knew this was going to come up as just 2 days ago on Facebook someone had shared about the death of Duke's of Hazzard actor James Best's death. It was odd because I knew he didn't recently die...he died the same day Duke won the NCAA Championship game in 2015 because I documented about it back then. 

I always talk about the importance of the Big Bang Theory too and I know Sean Astin was on a recent episode. 

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  1. 3/3 gonna be big. 20190 days after the JFK assassination