Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Trump makes "Pocahontas" Joke honoring Navajo Code Talkers

I just looked at this article from earlier before I went to work. 
Just as I typed "Indians" in the Gematrinator Mr. Burns said, "Indian" on the Simpsons on my TV. 

It's this episode...Season 2 episode 22 or the 35th episode. 
Blood Feud=84
Mr. Burns=33, 84(reverse)
Simpson=33, 84(reverse)

What's interesting is I just finished a blog post about Prince Harry being engaged. 
Prince Harry=63(rev red), 135
Meghan Markle=63(rev red)
Native American=63, 135
Pocahontas Joke=63
Racist Comment=63
Senator Warren=63

Think about it too in regards to Wallis Simpson....The Simpsons. 
Remember too "Native Americans"=1114(Jewish)
Prince Charles born on 11/14. 

Ha and the only Simpsons episode that shows Prince Harry in it is of course the 317th episode. 
Simpsons Freemasons Run The Country 317 Blog Post

Elizabeth Ann Warren=88
The Book of Mormon=185=Donald John Trump

Rememember many Mormons believe the Native Americans were the Lamanites that God cursed with Dark skin...
Lamanites=59(rev red)...How fitting. 

The joke is that they are Code Talkers....Code just like this article. 
I'm sure what ol' Pussy Grabber meant was Poke a Hot Ass. 
Also they've been using the Native American Theme a lot with Trump. Remember the Simpsons Episode where Lisa says she was the President after Trump is all about Native Americans. Trump wins the election after the Indians lose in the World Series. 
Mike Pence from Indiana-The land of the Indians. 

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