Sunday, February 3, 2019

Pregame SB 53 tells of Bill Belichick being the Youngest NFL Coach with the Browns-Art Modell-Sean McVay surpassed Lane Kiffin(Lincoln, Nebraska)

I'm listening to the pregame and they talked about Bill Belichick being the youngest coach ever just like how Sean McVay is now. 
Notice Belichick began his coaching career with the BALTIMORE Colts. Then he became a Head Coach with the CLEVELAND Browns. I just documented why the War of 1812 stuff is important to Moses through Cleveland. 
It makes me think of how many people commented on my video that I was actually Andrew Luck...Colts....It's funny I looked up an interview with Andrew Luck and I do have a pretty similar voice which I thought was hilarious. I actually know another person that I think sounds even more like him though. 
Bill Belichick=120(Jewish) 
William Stephen Belichick=120
Think about the connection to the Moon and what not with 1/20. 
Moses died age 120. 

Belichick also the coach of the Browns when the owner announced the move to Baltimore which created the Ravens. It's awesome I wish I would've seen this last night before I made my videos. 
He was fired before he could become the coach of the Ravens though. 

The owner of the Browns that moved the team to Baltimore was Art Modell. Notice he died before Super Bowl 47 in which the Ravens beat the 49ers. 
Art Modell=53
He died on 9/6. 
Baltimore Ravens=96
96' the year the Browns suspended operations and the Ravens were founded. 

Remember Sean McVay surpassed Lane Kiffin as the youngest coach too. Lane Kiffin from none other than Lincoln, Nebraska. 

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