Saturday, February 9, 2019

Justin Fairfax shares a bday with Michael Jordan-Duke-Virginia-Teen Wolf-Germanwings Crash Golden Gate Bridge

Is it not funny that 2 nights ago I documented how these stories out of Virginia are synced up the March Madness Tournament this year. The only team Virginia has lost to so far is DUKE. Now we are getting a story of another woman accusing Justin Fairfax of sexual assault at DUKE University. 

Notice this new story comes on the 39th day of the year and is39 days before March Madness begins. Justin Fairfax is currently 39 years old. 
Blue Devils=39, 111
Virginia is the 10th state. 
Of course this comes in Black History Month and remember MLK and Malcolm X both died age 39. 
Remember too that Bow Wow is born on 3/9. 
Like Mike=39
In the beginning of the film he wears an "Iverson"=39 jersey. 
The Bully is "Ox"=39

Notice Justin Fairfax's bday too...he shares a bday with Michael Jordan. I have mentioned this big time in regards to these stories and how it syncs up to Michael Jordan/NBA All Star Week/Teen Wolf. 
Note too that the Championship game comes on 4/8 in Minneapolis, Minnesota...where the T-WOLVES play. 
Jordan and Fairfax bday's are on the 48th day of the year. 
Jordan's first game with the Birmingham Barons on 4/8 as well. 

Also think about how I keep saying it's connected to 2015...In 2015 Duke won the Championship. 
MJ was 52 years old..
This year he turns 56..
Wolf=52, 56

I'm also reminded of the Germanwings crash with the picture of Andreas Lubitz in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Remember it crashed in the French Alps...the mountain men there are called "Blue Devils" which is where Duke got it's name from. 
Duke Blue Devils=152
Andreas Lubitz=152

Bow Wow announced his retirement 152 days after his bday. 

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