Monday, February 4, 2019

Daniel 8-The Goat defeating the Ram-Daniel 10:12 importance when Falcons lost to Patriots in SB 51

A bunch of people pointed out to me the Goat defeats the 
Ram in Daniel 8. I didn't think much about it until now. I should've paid attention to this as remember a big thing I have mentioned is the Angel Gabriel a bunch. Gabriel talks to Daniel, Zechariah and Mary in the bible and so on..
Remember later in Daniel it mentions the 4th king being the richest king and dividing the people. Trump the richest president
Daniel Eight=208(Jewish)
Remember when the Patriots beat the Falcons it was a lot to do with the Book of Daniel and Gabriel as well. Daniel 10-12 to be exact. Marino only in season 10 episode 12 of the Simpsons that aired the same day the Falcons lost in the Super Bowl. 

New England=45
This is in the time of the 45th president. 

I wonder if Daniel 5 is important as well as it's about the Hand that writes on the Wall..

Just throwing this on this random post but in the 2nd quarter of the game tonight they zoomed in on the time when it was 8:11. I can't get a screen shot because my computer froze up during the recording of the 2nd quarter and I lost the video for almost all of the 2nd quarter. 

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