Saturday, February 2, 2019

Rapper Bow Wow arrested for Battery in Atlanta-Atlanta Hawks vs Phoenix Suns Game score-Rapper Kurtis Blow

I was just thinking about this story coming out on 2/2 again. "Basketball"=22.....
 In my old video about Bow Wow retiring on 8/8/2016 I talked about Kurtis Blow as well. 
Kurtis Blow=42
He is currently 59 years old...
We know how 42 and 59 syncs to black people...
It would seem fitting for something to happen to him considering, possibly we will get a story in the near future. 
Kurtis Walker=42
Another 59 I didn't mention the other night is...
Ndamukong Suh=59
Atlanta Georgia=59

The Bow Wow retiring story came out 2 years 5 months 25 days ago. 
Bow Wow=25

Lil Bow Wow=44
Shad Gregory Moss=193
44th prime is 193...

In light of the Super Bowl being tomorrow in Atlanta it's interesting the score of the Atlanta Hawks game tonight was 118-112. 
Tom Brady=118
Super Bowl=112, 131
Atlanta Hawks=131

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