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Why SpongeBob's 35th episode clip was in Super Bowl 53 Halftime Show-Nebraska-9/11-Bush going to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska on 9/11-Cheney/Bob Kerrey born in Lincoln-Zac Taylor(Nebraska) Head coach of Bengals

Looking a little deeper today at work into the SpongeBob clip that was aired during the Halftime show. Notice it's the 35th episode. 

It was a tribute to the creator Stephen Hillenburg who died on the day leaving 35 days in the year..
He also died 3 months 5 days after his bday. 

If you watch the full clip the football scene when they play "Sweet Victory" they make sure and show us this guy in the crowd more than once. Of course he's wearing number 35. 

Notice too the episode of SpongeBob aired just 4 days before 9/11/2001. 
It was the last episode of SpongeBob to air that year as well. 
The Patriots played the Rams in the Super Bowl after 9/11. 
Tom Brady=35

The SpongeBob clip at the Super Bowl introduced Travis Scott and his song "Sicko Mode". 
SpongeBob=40, 95
Travis Scott=40
Sicko Mode=40, 149
35th prime number is 149. 
Jacques Berman Webster II=95
Notice the Super Bowl was 9 months 5 days after his bday and 40 weeks. 

Notice the Sicko Mode single came out on Stephen Hillenburg's bday or 3 months 5 days before he died. 

It came out on the Album Astroworld that was released on Tom Brady's 41st bday. 
Adam Levine=41
Super Bowl=41
Game sealed on the 41 yard Field Goal. 
Big Boi=35, 37, 118
Tom Brady=35, 37, 118
Patriots=37, 118
Maroon Five=53, 118

Notice too this episode aired 149 days before the Rams vs Pats Super Bowl in 2001. 
The 35th prime is 149. 
It's also interesting as Bush was a member of Skull and Bones.
Skull and Bones=41, 149

Band Geeks=68
Sweet Victory=68
9/11 happened 68 days after Bush's bday. 
WTC Construction began on 6/8/68. 
9-1-1 made the emergency dialing code in 68'. 
Bush Graduated Yale/Skull and Bones in 68'. 

It was 33 years before 2001. 
Thirty Three=156....156th prime is 911. 

In light of the 41 connections and these teams playing each other after 9/11....remember how 9/11 is connected to 41 as well. 
Al Qaeda=41
It's funny thinking back how I documented a lot about 9/11 this summer with baseball. Remember Ichiro Suzuki said he didn't know who Tom Brady was. 
Suzuki's rookie season with the Mariners was 2001 and  his 116 win team got upset by the Yankees 41 days after 9/11 on Ichiro's bday. 
Seattle Mariners=179...the 41st prime. 
I even mentioned in my post how Brady was turning 41 years old and Super Bowl=41. 
Ichiro is even 45 years old and plans to play this upcoming season reminding us of Brady. 
Forty One=35, 118

Also interesting in regards to what I was saying with Nebraska. I saw Zac Taylor(Nebraska player/Rams QB Coach) signed as the Head coach of the Bengals today...The 35th day of the year. 
He's 35 years old..
But....a long time ago I talked about the Blackshirts being important to Skull and Bones as they throw up the Bones. 
Red N=41
Bob Devaney=41(coach when Blackshirts began)
He died on 5/9..."May Ninth"=41....
Sean McVay surpassed Lane Kiffin as Youngest coach and Kiffin born on 5/9 and his father coached with Bob Devaney. 

Think about Zac Taylor in regards to the president Zachary Taylor I covered a few years back. He became president because of his involvement in the Mexican-American War...the Battle of the Buena Vista...remember the Alligator/Lane Graves stuff?
Notice the Mexican American War came to an end on 2/3/1848. 
So the Super Bowl was held on the same day the Mex-American War ended. 
Think about Trump and the Wall. 
Zachary Taylor died 138 days before his bday...the boy ate by the alligator died on Trump's bday and the last person in the US to die from an alligator befor him was named Richard Zachary Taylor. 

Also think about why he signed with the Bengals. They were formed by Paul Brown who was a long time coach of the CLEVELAND Browns. He was fired by Art Modell and then later started the Bengals. 

Also Dick Cheney who was Bush's Vice President is from Lincoln, Nebraska. Yet another connection to Nebraska..9/11 and why it's important to the Super Bowl. 
He was born in 41' which is 141 days after 9/11. 
Bush and his bdays are 6 months 24 days(624) or 208 days apart. 
Don't forget how Bush flew from Florida(Pet Goat) to Offutt Air Force Base on 9/11 which is only an hour away from Lincoln. 
Also the 35th senator of Nebraska Bob Kerrey's(from Lincoln) interview saying 9/11 was a 30 year conspiracy. He was on the 9/11 commission. John Kerry...Bob Kerrey...
Nebraska also equals 26 which is a big number Zach was talking about in regards to the Super Bowl...
Super Bowl happened 145 days after 9/11.
Catholic=35, 145

Another thing that I cannot believe I didn't put together before the Super Bowl is that Maroon 5's guitarist is from Lincoln, Nebraska. I knew this from years back, but it slipped my mind as I really have no interest in Maroon 5's music. The guitarist James VALENTINE is pretty much the reason they got big. He went to music school with John Mayer who invited them on tour with their first album as Maroon 5. 
James Valentine=150=Lincoln Nebraska

I questioned whether or not the intstruments were Trumpets but even many other places are calling them Trumpets as well. Remember the guy who wrote Sweet Victory only has 1 movie talked about on Wikipedia and it's "Jericho" Action Jackson. 

Hillenburg even described himself as a band geek who played the Trumpet...

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