Friday, February 22, 2019

Nike unveils Kaepernick "Icon Jersey" same day Zion Williamson injured-Blue

Maybe someone already pointed this out as I haven't been online much lately, but I figured the Zion Williamson story was connected to Colin Kaepernick being sponsored by NIKE. 
All the 39's in the previous posts. 

Icon Jersey=57, 147
National Anthem=57, 147

They even unveiled this jersey on the same day Zion Williamson was injured from his Nike shoe blowout. 

It's also 5 months 7 days after the anniversary of Francis Soctt Key writing the National Anthem. 

Remember how the NIKE story happened the same day Roseanne said she would move to Israel...Roseanne and Kaepernick have the same bday....her show cancellation was connected to the national anthem.(231st episode and 147 days before Conners premiere). Even the last episode titled "Knee Deep". Then we had Mac Miller who has the song "Nike's on my feet" die too. 
Anyway I'm pointing this out because the last episode of "The Conners" I remember that David breaks up with his girlfriend named "BLUE". Think about this in regards to Duke and the Blue Devils...
We had that Transformer explode in New York not too long ago turning the sky Blue. 

It's funny as when thinking about this I was reading Zach's blog post about Zion Williamson. The only comment is about Space Jam 2. 
I've mentioned the Blue stuff being connected to Looney Tunes Back in Action movie that was supposed to be Space Jam 2. The film has Goldberg in it and so on..

It makes me think of the guy from the Monkees dying too. A Monkee dies during black history month...think about the racial aspect of that. 
Also think about the song "I'm a believer" in regards to Shrek. Remember the Shrek writer had to apologize in November for using the "N" word. 


  1. To go along with the "blue theme", Will Smith's "Blue" Genie has been in the news lately for being TOO blue. Which reminds me of the original blue genie, Robin Williams, there was a meadow in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park that was renamed "Robin William's Meadow" on September 14, 2018, 204 year anniversary of Francis Scott Key writing the lyrics. There is a statue in Golden Gate Park of Frances Scott Key...Also thinking about the "blue monkeys" in the Wizard of Oz...August 15/19 is the 80th anniversary of that movie.

  2. The color Blue is symbolic of Freemasonry.
    "Icon Jersey # 7"=58(Full Red.)
    "Freemasonry"=58(Full Red.)
    "Fifty Eight"=47(Reverse Full Red.) 47 ( 4 + 7 =11)
    (K)aepernic(k) and (K=11)

    NIKE is the Greek Goddess of Victory, hence the image of 2 women wearing the Icon #7 Jersey in the advertisement.
    (77, 7 x 7 =49)
    "Zion L. Willianson"=77(Full Red.)
    "Shad Gregory Moss"=77(Full Red.) Shad Gregory Moss is aka "Bow Wow"
    "Superbowl LIII"=77(Jewish Red.)
    "Space Jam 2 Movie"=77(Reverse Full Red.)
    Colin is currently 31 years old.
    "31 Years Old"=49(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Nike Jersey"=49(Full Red.)

    Also, the song "I Believe I Can Fly" (I'm A Believer) and R. Kelly is being prosecuted in February aka "Black History Month".

    "I Believe I Can Fly"=76(Full Red.) Zion Williamson's DOB is 7/6 (76).