Thursday, February 21, 2019

Zion Williamson's Broken Shoe-Bow Wow's magic MJ' shoes blowout in Like Mike-Charlotte

Instantly when seeing this story of Zion Williamson's shoe blowing out it reminds me of "Like Mike". At the end of the film his magic shoes do a similar blowout and they lose their magic. 
Think about how they are Michael Jordan's shoes...
Zion Williamson's shoe blows out while playing North Carolina which is the team MJ played for in college. 
Duke stayed on 23 wins as well...think about that in connection to Michael Jordan. 

In the film like Mike after his shoes break they still win the game over Vince Carter and the Raptors. I see Carter is currently 42 years old right now. 
Notice on Williamson's wiki page it says John Wall compared his dunking ability to that of Vince Carter as well. 

This comes 47 days before the NCAA Championship game. 

Zion Lateef Williamson=111
Duke Blue Devils=111
Zion Williamson=187
His bday in a non leap year is the 187th day of the year. 

Notice he is from a suburb of none other than CHARLOTTE, North Carolina too. Where Michael Jordan owns the NBA Team and where the All Star Week was just held. 
Charlotte=39, 51...(51st day of the year)
Blue Devils=39
Remember how Duke was connected to the Blackface stuff in Virginia. 
Justin Fairfax was 39 years was 39 days before the March Madness Tournament. 
I knew the story of Bow Wow was synced to the Blackface stories in Virginia. The 10th state. 
Like Mike=39
Bow Wow born on 3/9. 
Fairfax also born the same day as Michael Jordan. 

This happens 4 months 17 days(end date) before Williamson's bday. 
Valentine=417(satanic)(MJ stuff)
Queen Charlotte=164(important number a while back). 

Remember 220 important to the Jesuits/King Henry VIII as well...
So this happens on 2/20 and Williamson's bday on the 187th day. 
Society of Jesus=187
George Washington=187
Washington DC=187
I mention this because the Aurora Bridge in Seattle is also called the George Washington Bridge. 


  1. Just did a video with a ton of 141. Decided I was going to look more into the Like Mike stuff. Naturally the first thing I so is type Like Mike into the Gematria Calculator. Like Mike = 141 rev ordinal

  2. I also talk about the 243 as it relates to the date 31/8 and Islam turning 1440 lunar years old.
    Zion Williamson = 243 Francis Bacon
    Zion Lateef Williamson = 318 Francis Bacon 1440 sumerian. And Kanter born on the 141st day of a leap year. typically the 141st day is 21/5. another way of connecting two fifteen to 141

  3. And one more thing connecting Zion to lil Bow Wow. Maybe some Sirius (dog star) coding going on. Zion born on July 6th date of the Sun-Sirius conjunction. Same bday as Machado and George W Bush.

  4. "February twentieth" = 220 and it's 220 days before the Society of Jesus' anniversary.
    "Zion Williamson" = "Society of Jesus"