Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Meghan Markle isn't he problem it's the British Monarchy

Of course a story about Meghan Markle is fitting with the narrative of my videos in October. Elizabeth Warren/Kanye West/Fleetwood Mac...
It's funny as at the end of the Fleetwood Mac video I mentioned how it was important the story was 6 months 8 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday. 
Prince Charles=68
Danny Kirwan died on Kanye West's bday of 6/8..
The Cavaliers lost in the NBA Finals on 6/8. 
Donald John Trump=68
Pope Francis=68

Notice this story about Meghan Markle comes 6 months 8 days after her bday and also 68 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday. 

Tomorrow will be 67 days before Elizabeth's bday in her 67th anniversary being the Queen. Plus it's the first day of Lupercalia in which is the celebration of the Wolf who sucked the founder of Rome on April 21st....or Queen Elizabeth's bday. 

Think about how we've got all sorts of stories connected to my October videos...I'm waiting for more Nebraska Teen Wolf stuff to show up considering the next few days. 

Lupercalia also begins on an interesting date in regards to it's 13/2 in the UK. 
It's also 132 days(end date) before 6/24. 
It's also 91 days after Prince Charles bday...
King Charles=91
It's also interesting as I remember a long time ago mentioning that Charles might actually be George VII if he becomes King. 
King George VII=213(reverse)

Valentines is 2/14....Elizabeth's bday is 21/4. 


  1. This year the Queen will be having her Public Celebration of her birthday on June 8th, 6/8 or 8/6, that's the 159th day leaving 206 days remaining. We know 26 goes well with her majesty...Also was Barb Bush's birthday.

    1. Also on June 8, 632 ad Prophet Muhammad apparently died.