Sunday, February 17, 2019

Anthony Weiner released from Prison days after Lorena Bobbitt Documentary Story

Mr. Weiner is out of prison today. 
Anthony Weiner=63
He was sentenced 63 days after his bday on 9/4. 
Anthony David Weiner=94
Remember how the Pizzagate scandal was supposedly found because of the investigation into Weiner's emails. 
Then we had David Seaman as one of the big exposers of Pizzagate. 
Today the 48th day of the year. 
Anthony Weiner is out but has to go to the "Halfway House"=63 until May 14th. 

This story just days after we get a story of Lorena Bobbitt coming out with a Documentary of her experience. 
Think how this story is also about "Weiner". 

It's funny thinking about it too...just a week ago or so I remember a story about why Men send Dick Pics. Then Zach posted about that story and another of a man who got tasered in the Crotch in Arizona. 

I know even more that it's connected to the Bobbitt story because Weiner is free 6 months 18 days before his bday. 
John and Lorena were married on 6/18...
Interesting too that the War of 1812 began on 6/18 and came to an end on 2/17(today). 
John Bobbitt=63
Remember a few weeks after Anthony Weiner went to jail we go the Homeless guy in Philadelphia story too..his name was Johnny Bobbitt. 

I also saw this story going around Facebook lately. A kid who says he will cut off his penis is Trump builds a wall? 

It's interesting as today is the 48th day of the year..
Wall=48=Trump so on..

Think about the "63" above in regards to Wall Street...
Wall Street=63
Collapsed on the day leaving 63 days in the year. 
Root of all evil=63

The Lorena Docu Series aired on 2/15 which is 4 months 8 days before the anniversary of the Bobbitt incident too. 

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