Friday, February 1, 2019

The number 34 and how it's important to the RAMS-War of 1812-Super Bowl 47-Kneeling-Nebraska-Lebron's return

I went to Council Bluffs today because my girlfriend had a Dr. Appointment. As long as everything continues to go well we are having another kid. The funny thing is was we found out the due date is September 14th. I laughed at how perfect that day is considering the Super Bowl in a few days and 9/14 is the day Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem in Baltimore. 
Anyway being in the Omaha area I started thinking about the connection to Moses/War of 1812/Titans-Atlanta Olympics and how all of this makes sense together. 
The NFL Championship games had a lot to do with the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the number 34. 
Remember Super Bowl 47 is really important to the War of 1812 stuff in which the Ravens beat the 49ers(Kaepernick)....This Super Bowl was all about the number "34". 
Super Bowl 47 and the number 34
The Rams have only won 1 Super Bowl which was SB 34 in Atlanta. They beat the TITANS...think about the Titanomachy...Olympians vs Titans. 
I also remembered that Nebraska had a game canceled at the beginning of the Season. Notice they were supposed to play "AKRON". Think about Akron in regards to Lebron James who just got injured on the Lakers 34th game before turning 34 years old. He made his comeback against LOS ANGELES Clippers. The Lakers 53rd game will be 34 days after Lebron's bday just before the SB against the Warriors whom he got hurt against. He came back on 1/31...."Super Bowl"=131
The Lakers also don't play the Clippers again until 3/4. 

 Think about the Government Shutdown that lasted 34 days.."Shutdown"=34
All the Moses stuff is about "34". 
Thirty Four=160
Los Angeles Rams=160

Lebron James called Trump a bum on the same day Trump called the NFL out for Kneeling. Remember Trump had his national convention in Cleveland just after the Cavs won on the real King James bday. Then the Cavs visited the White House on the same day Lebron and the Cavs visited after Trump was elected president. 
Now think about the Rams....they were originally from Cleveland. They won the NFL Championship in 1951 over the Cleveland Browns. (51 a big number in regards to the Cavs/Trump). Think about Super Bowl 51 with the Falcons and Patriots too. 
The Patriots won with 34 points in Tom Brady's 34th playoff game. 
Also remember Dwyane Wade attended the Nebraska vs BYU game in 2015 with Taysom Hill...think about that with LeBron and Wade. 

Remember the reason the Baltimore Ravens exist is because the Cleveland Browns owner tried moving the Browns to Baltimore which in turn created the Baltimore Ravens. Then the Browns came back into operation in 1999 which was the same year the RAMS won the Super Bowl. 
Think about Cleveland being named after MOSES Cleaveland. 
Jim Varney Los Angeles Rams-White House post
It's funny as I talked about this back in September in regards to the death of Jim Varney(Ernest). He was connected to Tennessee(Titans) and died in the town called White House. Think about Atlantis too. Jim Varney's last film was the cartoon Atlantis. 

There is a lot of BEAR symbolism too, but it could be because the Patriots lost to the Bears in Super XX. Remember the Patriots lost the SB in the 66th, 77th, and 88th season of the NFL. This year is the 99th season. All the stuff I was talking about in regards to Bear symbolism in 2015 that was connected to the RAMS/Huskers and so on had to do with an Earthquake...Philadelphia....Happy Gilmore. Remember Grizzly Adams died...California's state animal is the Grizzly Bear. California became a state on 9/9. Adam Sandler born on 9/9....Meet at the 9th green at 9...Apollo Creed died on the 99th anniversary of the worst recorded East Coast Earthquake that happened in Charleston, SC in 1886. 
Charleston where the Civil War began....Lincoln=34...all the 34 and 43 around the Civil War which had it's first death in Baltimore. 

Remember a while back all the 208 stuff I was documenting too? 
Philadelphia Earthquake=208
Funny too as before I came in the house I noticed our odometer just changed over to 208,000 miles and I looked at the clock in leaving Council Bluffs today and it was 2:08. 
I've also recently been seeing 585 a lot when I'm at work. Yesterday when someones total came to $5.85 I looked out the window and the first thing I looked at was the E85 pumps. I then laughed at how E=5 so it's 585. 
Remember how 208 is important to Korea as well... 510 on the blog..JFK/Korea
Thirty Four=510(satanic)
River June Bottom=208
Harvey Weinstein=208(see my JFK/Marilyn Manson Posts)
Charles Manson important to the Flag symbolism. 
The Great Depression=208

Also I wonder if there is a connection to Nebraska being 0-2 for the first time since 1957 after their loss to TROY. Just thinking about Mythology again...the battle of TROY is where PARIS killed ACHILLES by shooting him in the heel. Think how LeBron's injury with the number 34 is connected to Kobe Bryant tearing his achilles by the number 34. I talked about this in 2015 as well because just after the Paris Attacks we had Kobe announce his retirement. 
Lebron even came back 5 months 8 days after Kobe's bday. 
Kobe Bryant=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Remember he got hurt 4 months 2 days after Kobe's bday. 
Lebron James=42

Also think about how the games are important to the Eclipse on 1/20...
Nebraska Cornhuskers=120(rev red)

Someone pointed out to me that in the AFC Championship game the ref was Clete Blakeman. He wore # 34 and went to Nebraska. So even more fitting #34 Burkhead would win the game. 
Anyway notice the Referee for Super Bowl 53 is 53 year old John Parry. 
John Parry=53
Notice he lives in AKRON. 
I love the picture on Wiki too. It's of # 95 Rosevelt Colvin of the Patriots who was born on 9/5. 
He's currently 41 years old and drafted to the Bears in 99' when the Rams won the Super Bowl. 

What's even better is a long time ago I said the only RAMS fan I know is the son in law of my Uncle Clancy. He is a Rams fan and a Nebraska Cornhusker fan..His bday is 2/22...which is the 53rd day of the year. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Remember how August 10/11th are important to this year as well. 
August 10th the 222nd day of the year. 
Cleveland founded 222 years ago. 

Also remember Nebraska has been in 53 bowl games. 
Herbie the Love Bug was # 53..In 2015 we got the death of Dean Jones on 9/1...the same day Nebraska's game this year was canceled. 
N=5 U=3
Mike Riley=53...born in 53'. 

Honestly so much that I talked about in 2015 is connected to this year and the Rams that it really makes me think the Rams are winning the Super Bowl this year. Bridgewater traded to the Saints(Battle of Baltimore) but he also has the connection to the RAMS. Alex Smith injured against the RAMS which is why Kaepernick became the starter. It's all about the RAMS. Maybe it doesn't mean they win the Super Bowl, but it sure seems to sync up that way with the major theme.  

Also remember the Tennessee Earthquake that was 53 days before Super Bowl 53? 
The New Madrid Earthquakes happened in 1811/1812 just before the War of 1812. 


  1. Rams kicker is from Nebraska.
    The last Pats v Rams SB ended on a field goal.

  2. Best Wishes on your new baby. Funny about September 14th too. I was just looking up Robin Williams and San Francisco the other day. Two things interesting here, on February 29, 2016 (leap day) a tunnel was renamed after robin Williams that leads to the Golden Gate Bridge. On September 14, 2018 a meadow was renamed Robin Williams Meadow in Golden gate Park. This park seems to be very symbolic with JFK and Lincoln roads as well as one named Nancy Pelosi....Anyway there is also a Francis Scott Key statue that was unveiled in 1888, 74 years after writing his poem but 43 years before it is made the National Anthem. If you check the author F.Scott Fitzgerald (Great Gatsby) his full name is Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, so an obvious relative. If you check Robin Williams, his father is Robert Fitzgerald Williams. Robin has a daughter Zelda, so it looks to me that all of these people are relatives and important "KEYS" to this puzzle. On another note I keep thinking of the song by Simon and Garfunkle "Bridge Over Troubled Water" which was recorded on November 9, 1969 but released January 20, 1970, 49 years exactly before the lunar eclipse of 2019, also thinking "49'ers". "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" was also recorded by Elvis during a Vegas dinner show to be released on a documentary which aired on T.V. November 11, 1970. The date of Elvis' live recording of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was AUGUST 11, 1970, 49th anniversary this year. Another funny thing is the Simon/Garfunkle album and song won the Grammy for the year 1970 which during the awards show Aretha Franklin sang the song, she later released it on an album. Both Elvis and recently Aretha died on the date August 16th. From Aretha's death August 16/18 to August 11/19 = 360 days, everything comes full circle. Hope this wasn't too long winded, lol.

    1. Think how we have the King/Elvis and the Queen/Aretha. If you check your blog on December 15/18 on The Conners Hagar/Vikings, I posted a comment that goes along with this regarding Lou Ferrigno and the Hulk and the King of Queens. thanks

    2. Another important find I forgot to mention about the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water", it was recorded by "ARTISTS FOR GRENFELL" on June 21, 2017 for the Grenfell Fire on June 14, 2017. Also to go back to the Flag, Fort McHenry, where Francis Scott Key wrote the anthem poem based on the 15 star flag flying over, was designated a National Park in 1925 and redesignated a National Monument and a Historic Shrine AUGUST 11, 1939, the only doubly designated place in the United States. It was the first place to fly the 49th and 50th flags and those flags are still at the Fort. Thinking 49'ers

  3. Dan!! Brady was born 5003 days after the JFK assassination. SB 53 here. JFK and Tom Brady both Irish Catholic American Icons. I also have a theory that Brady will go sown in the SB. Tbe only two Super Bowls this happened in were 5 and 10. Unitas and Bradshaw. Unitas died on the one year anni of 9/11. Bradshaw's last game was also the last game ever played in NYC

  4. Dan I've done some work on the 1957. But the main thing I've found is that JFK lived a span of 16,979 days the 1957th prime number. His only surviving child Kennedy born on 11/27/57 day leaving 34 days

  5. George HW Bush died 1957 days before the 2nd Great American Eclipse. 4/8/2024

  6. United States Postal Service = 1957 Jewish