Sunday, September 30, 2018

Another Look at the Drowning Sync from Earlier-Jim Varney Super Bowl 34 Sacrifice-RAMS

I didn't watch the episode of Family Guy I talked about in a previous post today with Drowning Synchronicity....but reading about it now. I'm wondering if it's something to do with Jim Varney who is in the episode. I remember a while back Sam and I were both talking about Jim I just wonder if he is part of what I was supposed to see. Especially because Peter brings him back to life and then realizes he actually wanted to bring back John Belushi. John Belushi the BLUES Brother that was connected to much I've documented as well. 
Sam also talked about Jim Varney being on Roseanne and how it was connected to BLUES Traveler. 

Varney died in the town WHITE HOUSE, Tennessee too..
White House Tennessee=239(reverse)
The Family Guy episode was about Lois running for Mayor which seems fitting this to me as well. 
Trump the 45th president...
Jim Varney=45
He died 4 months 5 days before his bday. 
Sam's Youtube Video on the Death of Jim Varney

Funny I mentioned in the comments of Sam's video how Varney might have been a sacrifice for Super Bowl 34 in light of what I've recently been mentioning. 
Super Bowl 34 was the only time the RAMS have won the Super Bowl. They had previously won the NFL Championship in 1945 against the Redskins and then won it against the Cleveland Browns in 1951 too. What's funny about that is the Rams were originally from Cleveland too. Remember how 51 was the big number with Cleveland winning in 2016(Cavs) then Indians lost in the World Series. 
The Redskins originally called the Boston Braves who the Indians beat in the last time they won the WS. 
1945 was when the Cubs were cursed by the Billy Goat. 
Also think about Super Bowl 47 with Baltimore and the 49ers that was all about "34". 
Also when the Rams won Super Bowl 34 that was the same year the Cleveland Browns cameback as they weren't a team when the owner tried moving them to Baltimore which in turn established the Baltimore Ravens. 

It's also interesting the RAMS were named that because the owners favorite team was the Fordham RAMS. Remember Fordham is the Jesuit university that Donald Trump attended as well. Think how Trump is connected to Cleveland(National Convention/the 48 and the Indians not winning since 48'/Visiting White House with the Cavs and so on..). 

Wouldn't you know? Fordham University even established on 6/24. 
Modern Freemasonry founded on 6/24. 

Fordham also won the first ever televised Football game in 1939 with 34 points. Interesting it was exactly 79 years ago as I'm writing this up on 9/30. 
Vince Lombardi even played for the Fordham Rams. 

Funny too in regards to Jim Varney is that when I documented about him I was following an Atlanta/Atlantis/RA theme. Varney's last film role before he died was "Atlantis: The Lost Empire". The post was just before we had the Falcons lose to the Patriots in Super Bowl 51. RA had the head of a Falcon and so on...This year the Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta. Super Bowl 34 also held in Atlanta. 

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