Monday, September 3, 2018

Synchronicity leading me to Goldberg/Duck Symbolism-9/11-NWO Goldberg's 173-0 Streak

Yesterday after work I took a shower as Jasmine and I were going to the Casino. While I was out of the shower drying my hair off with a towel my daughter Claire was teasing me and calling me a Towel Head. It was funny to me as she was just trying to be funny, and has no idea to how many americans refer to Muslims as Towel Head.  
Anyway while we were waiting for Jasmine's mom to get off work to babysit I turned on South Park. Claire was on Netflix on her tablet, so I figured I'd just turn something random on. It was on Showbox and it didn't show a description of the episodes or even a picture...I decided to play season 5 episode 9 as I thought the episode about gettting high on Cat Pee(cheesin) was in Season 5. 

Anyway, Jasmine actually pointed it out to me that it was funny Claire had just called me a Towel head and the episode I turned on was all about Muslims, Osama Bin Laden. Even Cartman talks about Towel Heads on the episode. 
I didn't even notice, and it was even more odd for Jasmine to notice and point it out, because she hates me pointing it out all the time. 

So now tonight was watching one of the Scooby Doo movies and when it got over one of the recommended movies was "Looney Tunes: Back in Action". I figured she might like it, so I turned it on. I didn't even think about the day before the South Park episode does Looney Tune type gags with Osama Bin Laden....Claire laughed like crazy on them parts of South Park...I remember telling her, "For someone who doesn't like South Park, you sure are laughing a lot". 

I noticed a bunch of stuff in Looney Tunes: Back in Action that I didn't notice before. 
A big piece in the plot is set around Daffy Duck and DJ DRAKE(Brendan Fraser)....
How interesting as a "Drake" is a male Duck. 

The movie also has Bill GOLDBERG in it as a bad guy. Think about how the Duck theme was connected to Goldberg the Goalie and what not I mentioned previously. 

Also Brendan Fraser reminds me of Encino Man in which I was talking about in regards to Earthquakes. 

It's also interesting in regards to the South Park episode as it was the first episode to release after 9/11/2001.....A big joke in the episode is that Stevie Nicks is a Goat....This only sticks out to me as we got the death of Fleetwood Mac member Danny Kirwan on 6/8 age 68 this year. 
Remember 68 an important number to 9/'s why Barbara Bush died on 6/8 as well. 

I also had synchronicity while watching Looney Tunes: Back in action. I was telling Jasmine how if Claire liked the movie she might also like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". I then went on to tell her how the movie sort've scared me though as a kid because of the Judge.....Right when I said "Judge" the Looney Tunes movie said "Judge" in reference to a car...The Judge in Looney Tunes is Christopher Lloyd who happens to share a bday with Ichiro Suzuki....Remember just after 9/11 Ichiro and the Mariners got upset by the Yankees on Ichiro's bday...that's why we got the story of Ichiro not knowing Tom Brady as well....all about the 9/11 symbolism.....also the other main guy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit is Bob Hoskins who is in Super Mario Brothers with the predictive programming of 9/11....he's also in the film "Brazil" that has predictive programming of 9/11...Brazil also stars Jonathan Pryce who everyone always tells me is actually Pope Francis....

We also just got that BRAZIL Museum fire yesterday....
Also I've recently mentioned Aerosmith and remember Steven Tyler got sick last year and couldn't play in Brazil and my cousin Chris Houston being one of the sound guys...


Also I pointed out to my girlfriend that Daffy Duck looks similar to a Priest as well. I never noticed the white part on his neck really until earlier..

I'm thinking about Goldberg too....he was drafted into the NFL by the RAMS. Although he never played a game with any team except for when he played with the Falcons....notice the first game was against New Orleans..

Also I can't help but think of Goldberg's feud with the NWO....think about that in regards to George Bush and his Father giving the New World Order Speech 11 years to the day before 9/11/2001. 
Notice Goldberg defeated the NWO and became WCW Heavyweight Champion in Atlanta.....He also had an undefeated streak for 174 days that he lost on his 174th match? 
New World Order=174
Hollywood Hogan=174
NWO=174(rev sumerian)
NWO=11(rev red), 52
What are the odds Goldberg also wins the title on George W. Bush's 52nd bday too? 

He also won that title 174 days before his own bday. 

Goldberg even made his wrestling Debut on the 174th day of 1997. 

After the streak was broke he got his revenge at SOULed Out? 

Interesting too that Bill Goldberg did a voice on Family Guy's 49th episode. Remember this episode was the last to air before Family Guy was originally cancelled.
I've talked about this episode a good amount over the years as it's connected to Queen Elizabeth II, the sequel was the episode about Robin Williams...I also mentioned Asiana Flight 214 in one of the videos on this...
Anyway in regards to 9/11...remember Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg were supposed to be on Flight 11 during 9/11....Also Larry Silverstein was supposed to be on one of the planes...He owned the WTC at the time. 

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