Saturday, June 9, 2018

Yankees beat Mets 4-1 getting 41st win on June 8th-9/11 symbolism

Remember how I said this Subway series was important to the Earthquake/911 symbolism? 
Today is 6/8 and 68 is important to 9/11(see previous posts)

Notice the Yankees win today 4-1 getting their 41st win of the season. 
Al Qaeda=41
Skull and Bones=41
41 days after 9/11 the Yankees upset the 116 win Mariners to make the World Series. 
Seattle Mariners=179
179 is the 41st prime number. 
Remember they upset them on Mariner Ichiro's bday....he says he doesn't know Tom Brady...Brady will be 41 this year....The Patriots/Brady won the Super Bowl after 9/11....

Also don't forget that this year is the 114th world Series. The Yankees and the Mets play on the 114th day of the season this year. So do the Giants and the A's reminding us of the Earthquake series. 
 After 9/11 the World Series was delayed and it came to an end on 11/4. The last World Series of the Yankees vs Mets was in 2000...the year before 9/11 happened in New York....Also the Yankees had 114 regular season wins that year. 

Tomorrow will be the 114th time the Yankees and Mets have played each other in the regular season. 
The Yankees won the 2000 World Series 4 games to 1. 


  1. Yankees stay on 67 h2h wins Saturday with a loss.
    67th prime = 19
    Saturday will be the Yankees 19th loss of the season.
    Mets will stay on 33 season losses with a victory and stay on 33 home losses vs NYY all time.

  2. wierd it is not letting me make my comment about the mariners

  3. this is the mariners 3rd best start ever (41 years after their debut in 1977). Also look into Ichiro's extremely weird role with the mariners (ichiro was acquired by mariners this year). Look into the 4/4 (2018) espn article written about him (ichiro is 44). will he be sacrifieced later this year for a mariners playoff run/world series?

    1. 17 years since Seattle made the playoffs. coincidenctly, (smiling while writing that), since Ichiro's rookie season, as a Seattle Mariner.