Thursday, June 28, 2018

College World Series Arkansas vs Oregon State Beavers-Teen Wolf-Nebraska

I haven't kept up on the College World Series but I see that Arkansas is playing Oregon State. 
Arkansas lost last night but I guess they were 42-0 after leading after 8 innings this season. 
Remember Bill Clinton was the 42nd president and from Arkansas. 
Bill Clinton=313(Jewish)
Haha look at that...Bill Clinton was born in HOPE, Arkansas. 
I just recently mentioned the importance of "HOPE". 
He's exactly 12 years older than Michael Jackson....

Also in my last post I noted the Ricketts family owning the Cubs and also founding TD Ameritrade where the CWS takes place. 
Also Dick Cheney from Lincoln, Nebraska....
Remember the Oregon State Beavers are important to the Valentines/Lupercalia/Teen Wolf Stuff in regards to Nebraska. The mascot in the film Teen Wolf was based off of the Oregon State Beaver....then we got Mike Riley former coach of the Beavers who came to Nebraska. 
Oregon State Beavers=76
Mike Riley born on 7/6. 
Eastern Orthodox Valentines on 7/6. 
George W. Bush born on 7/6. 

TD Ameritrade=206(reverse)
College World Series=206
Seattle the 206 area code...
Chicago Cubs=206
Hillary Clinton=206

I've been saying for a while that Nebraska is ripe for a big event. Especially with the new Cloverfield film coming out the same day as Super Bowl 52... The original Cloverfield was super connected to the Westroads Mall shooting in Omaha. 

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