Sunday, June 17, 2018

American Dad Episode that mentions Kabbalah is Judaism after dark-Only the Strong spoof

Yesterday while writing up one of my blog posts I looked up at the tv for a second and this is what was said...I can't remember for sure which blog post I was writing, but it was yesterday. 

Steve's girlfriend tells this Jewish Kid(Etan Cohen) that she's not into organized religion...he then says, "So then might I suggest you check out the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah?...It's your Judaism..After Dark....
I mean talk about putting something right in people's faces...yet almost everyone I know that would watch this wouldn't even take the time to look up what Kabbalah is. They would just think it's some type of Jewish joke. 

Anyway the character who says this..
Etan Cohen=510(sumerian)

I'm not for sure which season this episode is...on Hulu and Wikia it says season 4 episode 14...but on Wikipedia it says season 5 episode 14...Hulu also says Shuffle and not Hustle lol so I'm confused. 
They both say the 72nd episode though...

Random thing today my family was still watching American Dad and the Koala Bear started singing Banna Na Way...I'm only posting this as it's a spoof from this film "Only The Strong" that I used to love as a kid. I had almost forgot about this girlfriend had no idea what I was talking about or understood the gag....just posting this here so I'll remember to rewatch the movie and possibly there is something of importance to it.  I don't know what episode of American Dad it was either and I can't find it at the moment. 
I feel like it might be important because the new Jumanji was important a while back and it has the girl with the "Dance Fighting" skill. 

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  1. IMDB has it labeled as season 4, episode 14, or I guess episode 14 of season 4 giving another 114.