Thursday, June 28, 2018

Trump says Crowley got his ass kicked-Aleister Crowley-Syncronicity with the Gematria Effect

I just got online a little bit ago. I turned on the replay of the Gematria Effect and was making something to eat. Anyway I go to CNN and see this article about Trump saying "Crowley" got his ass kicked....then just seconds later Zach brings up Aleister Crowley...
I mean before I went to work I documented about Aleister Crowley too, which is why it stands out to me so much. 

Better yet this Joseph Crowley born on 3/16...
I don't think I documented it on the blog but I looked it up earlier...
Aleister Crowley died 316 days(end date) before his bday. 
Jesus Christ(Yeshu)=316(Hebrew)
John 3:16 and so on...

Joe Crowley also lost the primary 3 months 16 days before Aleister Crowley's bday....also 108 days. 

What else I find funny is that this guy on the Gematria Effect keeps talking about "Two Digit Numbers". 
Two Digit Numbers=206(reverse)
David Sneider=114
Both numbers I have been documenting like crazy lately. 

Also interesting Joe Crowley loses 103 days after his bday. 
He lost to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez=103
In regards to the weird synchroncity with David above...
Billy Goat=103
The Cubs had 103 regular season wins before they won the WS. 
The Curse of the Billy Goat came in the 1945 WS that began on 10/3. 
Crowley=88=Trump=Curse of the Billy Goat
Thinking about it too...Aleister Crowley died on 1/12(Dec 1st). 

There's something too with this guy in regards to Joe Jackson just dying today and this guy being named "Joe" as well. 
Got his ass kicked=92
Joe Jackson dies 9 years 2 days after Michael...
He dies on the same day I said there was a connection to Kanye West and Queen Elizabeth at Glastonbury.....
Elizabeth is 92 years old.
Jackson's son the KING of Pop...
Think about how Janet was important to the Super Bowl and kneeling during the national anthem too. 
Michael Jackson=Herbert Hoover=614(satanic)
Trump's bday and Flag day on 6/14. 
Joseph Walter Jackson=108(rev red)

I just put another piece together thinking about this...
The Star Spangled Banner written on 9/14/1814....
So it was wrote exactly 87 years to the day before William McKinley died on 9/14/1901. 
9/14 leaves 108 days in the year. 

Think about all the JFK stuff too and we get the retirement of Anthony Kennedy announced today as well. 
Anthony McLeod Kennedy=92

Hopefully get time tomorrow to look at some of the stories today. 
It's funny how Michael Jackson and the Jackson family has ties back to Jehovah's Witnesses too. I just recently talked about the Jehovah's witness who came to my house the last 2 days. 


  1. Race war/earthquake propaganda.
    Funny that I cant find the birthday of this Masonic whore Mayor anywhere right now.
    This comes on a day with 27 date numerology, race=27.
    Today also has date numerology of 52, like 'government' and 'authority'.
    Today leaves 186 days left in the year, Karen Peconi=186.
    Karen Peconi=57 like 'water cannons' and 'Rose', a teen who was shot and killed on June 19th in Pittsburgh.
    Bring the hoses=68, 86, 76, the numbers for blood sacrifice and death. It also equals 149 the 35th prime(Peconi=35) and 202, water=22.
    Arnold Pennsylvania=270 like 27, 81 like 'race', but is also a huge number connected to earthquakes and bridges, and this happened just outside of Pittsburgh, the city of bridges. It also equals 216(reverse is 612, revelation6:12?).

  2. Trump called Joseph CROWley "SLOVENLY" and his wife Melania is from SLOVENIA.
    "Slovenia"=399(Reverse Satanic) The Octal of "399" is "617".
    "617" or 6/17 and 6/17 was "Father's Day" in 2018.
    "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"=6107(617)Reverse Extended
    June 17th is the "168th" day of the year.
    "168" equates to a reference of "TIME", "24/7"(24x7=168) 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
    "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"=1008(Satanic) "1008/108"