Monday, June 11, 2018

Rob Gronwkowski bets $69 on Horse named Gronkowski at Belmont Stakes

It's stories like these that made Gematria so easy to see right away for me. I remember seeing stuff like this all the time, but until I learned Gematria I didn't grasp the importance of it. They blatantly tell us that Gronkowski bets $69 dollars on a horse named Gronkowski because the date was 6/9. 
What they don't tell you in the story is how Rob Gronkowski syncs up with 69 as well. 
Rob Gronkowski=69
Sixty Nine Dollars=94, 95(rev red), 220, 212(reverse)
Robert Gronkowski=94, 95(Rev red), 220, 212(reverse)

Horse Race=52
Justify won with 52 year old Jockey Mike Smith and so on...
Gronkowski just lost in Super Bowl 52. 
John Breech=52(Tweet above about 69)

They put it right in your face and then make it seem as if it's a joke, when in reality it's this way for a reason and not a coincidence. 

The Jockey for Gronkowski was Jose Ortiz. 
Jose Ortiz=52(rev red)

Interesting that 6/9 is also 239 days before Super Bowl 53. 
52nd prime is 239. 

It also came 4 months 5 days after Super Bowl 52..
New England=45

American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown 4 months 5 days after the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2015. 
Then the next year the White Bronco(horse) won the Super Bowl. 

Remember in 2015 a big story was Tom Brady going to the MayPac Fight on the same day as the Kentucky Derby. He had to take a private jet to get to both events. He also took Gronkowski and other Patriots to the Kentucky Derby. 

Even better look at the day Gronkowski was foaled....He was foaled the same day as Super Bowl 49 when the Patriots won the rigged super bowl on 2/1..because Russell Wilson's 21st pass got intercepted by # 21 on 2nd and 1 and he fell to the ground with 21 seconds left. 

The 125 days is interesting too as 6/9 was 1 month 25 days before Tom Brady's birthday. 
Gronkowski's bday is 2 months 20 days before Brady's. 
Robert Gronkowski=220
Sixty Nine Dollars=220


A big thing was that Gronkowski was way behind and then he cameback to get 2nd place...they compared it to a 28-3 comeback like when the Patriots came back in the scripted super bowl 52 against Atlanta. 
The reason I mention this is because Super Bowl 53 just so happens to be in Atlanta. 
Super Bowl 51 scripted by the numbers
Also notice Justify's 4/5 odds. 


  1. The Golden Ratio is 1.618...
    "Rob Gronkowski" = 177 (English Ordinal)
    "Golden ratio" = 177 (Reverse Ordinal)
    On the date of the Belmont, Rob Gronkowski was 10618 days old.