Friday, June 22, 2018

First Posthumous XXXTentacion song released called "Ghost Busters"-Valentines Day-Bill Murray

Now this is hilarious. 
They drop the first posthumous song of XXXTentacion..
It's called Ghost Busters....
Ghost....he just dies...I mean hilarious....but what sticks out to me even more is what I mentioned in my video in regards to Bill Murray and Valentines. 
I was talking about the "67" and with Bill Murray and the Valentines Day Massacre. 
Bill Murray's character on Ghost Busters II is hosting the show where the lady says the world will end on Valentines Day 2016. 
Ghost Buster's came out on 6/7...
Valentines is 6/7 Eastern Orthodox...
Bill Murray=67 and so on..

Trippie Redd=173
40th prime is 173
Valentines=40, 67
Remember in 2016 they released the new Ghostbusters film with the Girls too...Then the Cubs won the World Series...exactly 67 weeks before the Stoneman Douglas Shooting....
Cleveland Indians=67
And so on...
The Stoneman Douglas team won the High School baseball championship in 2016 as well. 

XXX dies on Trippie Red's 19th bday. 
19 is the 67th prime number...
Nikolas Cruz=67....19 year old born 19 weeks after Marjory Stoneman Dougals dies. 

Ghost Busters Youtube Video
Go listen to the song as well. They bring up the number 14 a bunch of times in the beginning. 

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  1. Great posts, Dan I was just thinking in regards to your Red Sox hat at work post. Related to when you got the Philadelphia Eagles hint at work during the football season, I can't find that post. But you should check/calculate the date span from the Eagles fan coming into to your work, to the Red Sox fan/hat coming into your work.
    I say this, because I have fairly confident, the Red Sox are going to the World Series.