Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump announces plans for a "Space Force"

Trump wants to create another branch of the military called the "Space Force"....
How fitting considering the Space Theme in the past few years. It's why the Eagles won the Super Bowl and we got the Stoneman Douglas Eagles shooting...and Falcon Heavy Launch with the David Bowie Tribute to the Eagle Landing on the Moon. 

Also I've mentioned a bunch of times why Russia and Cuba have been important because they are coding the Cold War...
The Space Race came to an end in 91'..
Space Force=91
Make America Great Again=91

Space=44 also 159(Jewish)
Donald Trump=159(reverse)
Think about Space FORCE as well....does it not remind you of Star Wars? 


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  2. The Satanist reenact the Tower Of Babel scenario, over and over in these mainstream media story-lines. Nimrod wanted to build a Tower that would reach the heavens or "SPACE" to WAR with the Creator(Sp-ACE/Kate SPADE/Donald TRUMP). ACE, SPADE and TRUMP playing cards, we are being played/mocked with these stories. "RUSSIA" has "USA" coded in it and "CUBA" is hidden code for "CUBE"(Saturn's Cube). Cuba is synonymous with the "Bay Of Pigs" invasion. When I see the words "Space Force" I think of "Hollywood".
    "Hollywood"=44(Jewish Red.)
    "Bay Of Pigs"=44(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Card Games"=44 and Trump is the "44th" Man to become President
    "Number Of A Man"=44(Jewish Red.)
    Trump's Presidency is a scripted concoction of JFK's, Nixon's and Reagan's
    (Make America Great Again).

    "President Ronald Wilson Reagan"=620(620/260)Franc Baconis
    "Space Force"=620(Reverse Primes)
    "Tower Of Babel"=620(Reverse Satanic)
    "United Nations"=620(Satanic)
    "President Richard M Nixon"=260(Eng. Ordinal)
    "620", "6/20" or "June 20th" is the "171st" day of the year.
    "Star Wars'=171(Francis Bacon)
    "171" is the "18th"(2018) triangular number and it's divisors sum to "260"(260/620)