Tuesday, June 19, 2018

XXXTentacion's saying Drake tried to Sacrifice him-Pregnant Girlfriend

Youtube Link to Video Above
CNN's video where he says the same thing
This video is clickbait as it's not actually XXXTentacion's final words. I just want to point out what he says around the 40 second mark. He's talking about what he wants if he dies and then says If he's a "Sacrifice" lol. I mean he had to know it was coming, or know that people get murdered/sacrificed to say that. 

Sacrifice=46 also 206(Jewish)
Chicago Cubs=46, 206(reverse)

I've also been seeing all over Facebook today that he supposedly beat up his pregnant girlfriend and made her go blind in her left eye....you know like how Horus' left eye was ripped out by Set. 
Geneva Ayala=40, 203(reverse)
His 2 albums "17" and "?" released 203 days apart. 

They are going strong on the case he was sacrificed too. If you do a little research there are videos of XXX saying Drake tried to Sacrifice him....
XXXTentacion Reveals the Truth behind why he went at Drake

XXX dies 4 months 6 days before Drake's bday too. 

It's also 128 days and the original beef with Drake came on 1/28...2017 because Drake might've stole his flow on a song while he was in prison. 
All of this is purposely placed. He specifically said the word "Sacrifice" because of this reason.
XXX knew about numbers too....he has a song that is track 8 titled (888 Infinity) even. 

He also dies 11 days before Drake's new Album "Scorpion" comes out. 
Drake is a Scorpio as well. 

People also mentioning Drake's new song called "I'm Upset" that has a lyric "SMS, Triple X, That's the only time I ever shoot below the neck". 
XXX  short message service....
I'm upset=40

Drakes bday also on the anniversary of "Black Thursday"=206
Chicago Cubs=206

Involved with the Drake Beef was Offset from Migos which sticks out to me because I remember he recently got in a bad car wreck. 
It was on 5/16 which is 33 days before XXXTentacion died. 

I know it's not the same but I remember reading a message on my phone from someone asking me to look into Tekashi 6ix9ine not too long ago as well. I was at work and looked at his Wikipedia but then forgot about it altogether. It's something that a younger generation could decode a lot better as I know very little about all these Face Tattooed mumble rappers. 
No doubt that guy will be in the media or die by the number 69 though. 

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