Friday, June 8, 2018

6th episode of 11.22.63 has Lee Harvey Oswald as a KING-Also ending credits with Stand By Me remake

I just watched the 6th episode of 11.22.63...
There is a part where Lee Harvey Oswald is wearing a crown at his bday and tells his mom to Dance with the King...

What got me the most though was as the credits were rolling it plays a remake of the song "Stand By Me". 

So yet again Stand By Me connected to something involving KING symbolism. 

What's even funnier is that I just realized something about the new bar in town. The old owners sold it, so it's the same bar with a different name....but anyway the last time I was there was on Saturday was just after I posted about 11.22.63 and North Korea with the King symbolism......the bar tender working was a girl with the last name "King". I can't believe I didn't put that together until now. It's significant as they got mostly new bartenders to work since it's new owners. The girl working hasn't been a bartender there as far as I know for at least 10 years, and now she's working there again. Just crazy. 

Also 48 is really important....I just keep seeing it in everything I'm thinking about...
Kanye West=48
Just read an article about "Yellowstone"=48
Lee Oswald=48, 147(reverse)
Birthday=48(rev red)
Freemason=48, 147(reverse)
National Anthem=147
Key of David=48
Eighty Eight=48
Francis Key=48
Justin Trudeau=48
JFK Files=48

So many more examples from other nights that I didn't document, but I'm seeing it in almost every story I look at. 

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