Monday, June 25, 2018

Pawn Stars Richard Harrison dies age 77-Las Vegas Shooting

The show famous for his store in Las Vegas....he dies just after the Vegas Golden Knights lose in the Stanley Cup.....also I figure there has to be a connection to the Vegas Shooting. 
I see he died 8 months 24 days after the Vegas shooting which stands out to me, as I just documented there might be something special about 824. 
Also..."Richard Harrison"=91
The Route 91 Harvest Festival shot on the day leaving 91 days in the year. 
Thirty Second Floor=91
Gold and Silver Pawn Shop=101
The Vegas Shooting on 10/1. 

He got the nickname "The Old Man" age 38. 
The Old Man=38
Richard Harrison=163
The 38th prime is 163. 

No time yet again. Have to go to work, but I'll for sure think about this while I'm there. 


  1. Supposedly there are 18,000 Freemaons in Minnesota, look it up, I cant add certain links for some reason. Maybe this will work this time. In 1903 supposedly there were over 18k and the reverse or 18 is 81 which is huge. I'm not using Mason site links so hopefully this actually gets put up. Check the site of the grand lodge and you'll have to look up how it shows that nowadays theres only 18k members in MN.

  2. All these 38's...
    He died 308 days after the total solar eclipse.
    You're one of the few I know who mention eclipses, but it truly is THE centerpiece of what we're witnessing.

  3. Dan, a standoff in New HOPE, MN just ended with kids being reunited with family.