Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Trump's 72nd bday is also his 510th day as President-JFK-Back to the Future

In regards to 510 being important to North Korea/JFK and a number I keep seeing. Notice that Trump's 72nd bday this year will also be his 510th day as being the president. Not sure if he will still be in Singapore at this time, but it's very interesting....especially considering his bday of Flag Day too. 
They announced their 6/12 meeting on 5/10.
Peace Summit=510 
Basketball=510....think Rodman
Moon Jae In became president on 5/10. 
Kim's brother murdered last year and born on 5/10. 
John Kennedy=510 
Trump meeting Kim 5 months 10 days before the JFK Assassination. 
If you from JFK assassination to Kim Jong's bday it's 1 month 17 days or 47 days. 
Remember Kim and Moon met on the 117th day. 

If you go from Trump's bday to 10/21...the date in the TV show 11.22.63 that's 10 days before Halloween/Also Back to the Future's 4 months 7 days. 
Remember Trump is Bif Tannen too. 

Also in regards to Back to the Future that goes back to the year 55'. 
It goes back to 11/5 which is 144 days after Trump's 9th birthday. Or 222 days before his 10th bday. 
Time Travel=55=God
I also almost forgot that Back to the Future II released on 11/22 too. 
Remember Lorraine BAINES(LBJ) father doesn't know who John F. Kennedy is. Doc Brown lives on JFK Drive in 1955 and when Marty shows up Doc has a bandage on his head reminding us of JFK being shot. Marty only meets the Baines family cause he got hit by the car. 
Also think about how the first film begins on 10/26/1985. 
10/26 was the day Trump released the JFK Files also Hillary Clinton's bday. 
Also I can't help but think about MJ Fox and Teen Wolf being released that same year. All the 2015 coding that is going on....Teen Wolf all about the Civil War/Lincoln symbolism...Lincoln another assassinated president. 
Think about how Bane in Batman destroys the Bridges. 

I was wondering if the date of October 5th might have significance as it too can be written as 5/10....
Notice it's 1 month 17 days or 48 days before the JFK assassination. 
Donald Trump=48=Kim Jong Un=Russia and so on..

Also in regards to October 5th remember how it was skipped when the Gregorian Calendar was created. It went from Oct 4th to October 15th to fix the 10 day drift. 
The Clock in Back to the Future gets struck by lightning at 10:04...
10/4 leaving 88 days in the year as so on..
Something I missed in my video about the Gay Cake story being 7-2 on 6/4 in connection to JFK/Civil Rights. 
JFK met the Pope on 7/2 exactly 1 year before the Civil Rights Act was passed. 

Trump/Kim's meeting is 107 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Earthquake=107 and 163(reverse)
6/12 the 163rd day of the year and 163 days before the anniversary of JFK being assassinated. 
King Charles=107

Also not sure if it's a complete connection but 2017 was when Trump met Pope Francis. If you go from JFK's bday in 2017 to 10/21/18 it's 510 days. 

What else is interesting is that the media told us of this meeting on 5/10, yet on Wiki it says the meeting was planned since March 8th this year. 
Exactly what I have been saying....March 8th is the anniversary of the missing Malaysian Airline..Flight 370. 

Trump also became the president 457 days after Back to the Future Day...
457 is the 88th prime number. 
88 miles per hour. 

Gonna have to look into the death of Kate Spade as well...thinking about Trump/Spades in relation to Cards..
I've documented about Joe Dirt 2 going back in time and I'm reminded of Dickie Roberts the Child Star movie in relation to Michael J. Fox's film Life with Mikey....
Also I've recently documented about Eric Stolz the original Marty McFly and Sylvester Stallone/Mask. 

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