Sunday, June 17, 2018

Matt 'Guitar' Murphy Blues Brothers Guitarist dies age 88-Curse of the Billy Goat-Chicago Cubs-World War 114th World Series-National Anthem 1918 World Series Cubs vs Red Sox

Yet again a story that is connected to the Chicago Cubs winning in 2016. 
It really seems to me the Cubs will be in the 114th World Series...A lot of things connected to the 2016 season...Even bringing the 2016 election back up and Hillary's emails...Plus all the 114 I documented with the Cubs. 
Deleted Emails=114
Also the film "I Pet Goat II"=159(reverse) was all about the Curse of the Billy Goat....
It's interesting in regards to "Donald Trump"=159(reverse)
World War=114 and so on...
Remember it's was named off of the book George Bush was reading to kids in Florida when 9/11 happened....there's been all of the 9/11 symbolism going on this year as well. 
Think about it in regards to Stoneman Douglas and the 1929 St. Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago.....Stoneman Douglas super synced to the Cubs...."Herbert Hoover"=159...1929 Stock market crash as well....
Calvin Coolidge was the president during the 1929 Valentines shooting in Lincoln Park....think about how he is connected to Cuba...CUBa....
Chicago Cubs=206
The Cubs beat Miami in Back to the Future II....Stoneman Douglas in the Miami Area...

Now the guy who played guitar for the Blues Brothers dies age 88..
The Blues Brothers is all about Chicago and also has a lot of Bridge symbolism in it now that I'm thinking about it...
81 a big number in regards to Bridges...
Also the film Taking Care of Business with John Belushi's brother that was showing us the Cubs winning in 2016...

Anyway the Guitarist is named Matt "MURPHY" and he died age 88..
Murphy was the name of the Billy Goat from the Curse of the Billy Goat.
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

It's also interesting in regards to BB and MM....
M=13 and a B looks like a squished together 13....13 a big number in regards to sports this year...
B also is is similar to an "8"....BB...88

The film Blues Brothers came out on 20/6 as well. 
Chicago Cubs=206

Look at that too....Matt Murphy was born in 1929 on the 29th day of December...
Stock Market Crash happened on the 29th of October in 29' when the only president from the 29th state(Iowa) was president. 
Matt Guitar Murphy=231
National Anthem=231

Matthew Tyler Murphy=91
Chicago Cubs=91
Chicago Illinois=91
Cubs lost in the 1929 World Series to the Philadelphia Athletics(The team who won in the Earthquake series as well)

Matt Murphy even lived in Miami at the time of his death. 

He died on 15/6 as well....which is really important to 9/11..
False Flag=156(Jewish)

Also in regards to JFK...Remember there was a plan to assassinate him a few weeks before he was was in Chicago. 
Think about JFK in regards to the CUBAN Missile Crisis too. 

I also find it interesting CNN makes sure to let us know something that is seemingly pointless...they tell us that Floyd Murphy Jr. posted a tribute to his Uncle on Facebook...
Remember my Uncle Barney MURPHY died on 1/14 and was a Cubs fan...This year my Grandma Murphy and Uncle Clancy Murphy died...Clancy the big Chicago Bears fan...
Remember how my neighbor/Grandma's neighbor died after the Cubs won the World Series as well and in connection to my Grandma/North Korea/He was a huge Cubs fan.....What I never thought about before is the person who lives in my neighbors house now is a girl I graduated with. Her birthday I remember is November 4th....11/4 haha just crazy. 
I only know her bday because mine is the Nov. 10th and our bdays were close together. 
Her name equals 166 as well....just like
Barney Murphy=166
Matthew Murphy dies on the 166th day of the year. 

What else is interesting in regards to this being the 114th world series. Remember there was the police officers in Des Moines killed on Game 7 of the 112th World Series. One of them was right next to where I used to live on Merle Hay Rd....I worked at "Burger King"=112 and right across the street is the 1908 Draught Bar....the Cubs hadn't won since started raining and the Cubs won the world series...
Anyway remember Merle Hay is believed to be the first American to die in World War I. 
The cop that died on Merle Hay was "Tony Beminio"=141, 156(reverse)
Justin Martin=156(reverse)..other cop killed. 
World War III=141, 156(reverse)
Des Moines Police Officers Killed-Cubs 114 connections

Merle Hay also born on the anniversary of the Eagle Landing on the moon...he turned 73 on 7/20/69. 
Remember World War I came to an end 156 days after the last American Total Solar Eclipse on 6/8/1918. 
It's why Chester Bennington of Linkin Park died on that day as well..because of the 1929 Valentines Day Massacre in Lincoln Park Chicago...
Earlier in the year I posted about the possible Yankees vs Cubs world series....I'm just thinking about the death of John Heard in 2017 and in 2018 one of his former wives...Margot Kidder(Lois Lane) died.....Home Alone II lost in NEW YORK has Donald Trump and just after he's in the film they mention Herbert Hoover staying in the Hotel....Hoover(Iowa/Stock Market 1929 Valentines)

Since this post is all over the place I want to add that in regards to Blues Brothers I find it interesting one of them is "Daniel Edward Aykroyd"...
Daniel Edward Behrendt...

I was thinking the other day too how it's funny that FDR the president during World War II didn't stand for the National Anthem as he was in a wheelchair. I wouldn't doubt if there is a riddle with FDR and this lol. 

What else sticks out in regards to the National Anthem is that although it was played at some sporting events...the most memorable time was Game 1 of the 1918 World Series. According to ESPN this is where it made a bond with the sports world....

The 1918 World Series the Cubs lost to the Red Sox...but notice the date they lost was 9/11.....exactly 2 months before World War I came to an end. 
Red Sox=510(sum)
Possibly we could see the Red Sox this year as well? 
Both broke their curses and now meeting again in the 114th World Series....1918 the year World War ends..."World War"=114
Think about how the Cubs beat the Indians coached by Terry Francona who became 11-4 in coaching the World Series. He previously coached the Red Sox when they broke the Curse of the Bambino....Babe Ruth died in 1948...the year the Indians last won the World Series/Closest Super Moon and so on..
The Red Sox also the team that they go see in the film Field of Dreams that also involves IOWA. 

I love how Masonic Wiki writes this in here too. 


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  2. WOW! Amazing Decode, I did a decode on Zach's blog showing the parallel between Alec Baldwin & Sean Connery. Baldwin did a mocking parody recently in the media about running for President in 2020, stating that if he ran he would WIN (BALD-WIN).
    Baldwin and Belushi are connected to Saturday Night Live. Baldwin and Connery are connected to the movie "The Hunt For Red OCTOBER". Which is based on the book written by Tom CLANCY, about Russian Soviet spies and the 2018 FIFA Games are hosted by RUSSIA. Clancy died at the age of "66" in the month of OCTOBER and BeLUSHi died at the age of "33" in DECEMBER. October is the only month that has a gematria sum of "33". Also, the number "33" written as a word
    (Thirty-Three) sums to "66".
    "October"=33(Full Red) and 666(Reverse Eng.Sumerian)
    "Thirty Three"=66(Four Ciphers)
    "2016 World Series"=66(Full Red.)
    "Matthew Murphy Dead At 88 Years Old"=1966(Eng.Sumerian)
    Also, it is written that CLANCY began writing The Hunt For Red OCTOBER in "1982", Belushi died in "1982"in the month of December. OCTOBER the 10th month and December is latin for "Tenth". OCTOBER is also the month the World Series takes place (Mr. October).
    "2018 World Series"=68(Full Red.) "68" (6+8=14)
    "Thomas Leo Clancy Jr."=68(Full Red.)
    "Alexander Rae Baldwin"=168(Jew Ordinal)
    "John Adam Belushi"=1068(168)Jewish
    "Matthew Murphy Dead At 88"=98(4 Ciphers)98 a reflection of "68"
    Also Bill Murray(SNL/Belushi/Baldwin) was the Celebrity Face/Image that was attached to the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series. "Mr. October"=216(Franc Baconis)216/2016
    "William James Murray"=88