Monday, June 11, 2018

Field of Dreams moment at Work Today

Today at work one of the ladies I work with made the remark..."If you build it, They Will Come". She wasn't talking about Field of Dreams but just referencing the quote. I asked her though if that's how she remembers it....As "They" instead of "He"....I honestly remember it as "He" not They. I've documented about the Mandela Effect before, but the reason I'm making this post is because it was so random at work and this film is important to what I've been saying about Earthquakes. 

Remember this film came out on Queen Elizabeth's 63rd bday in 1989 which was also the year of the Earthquake Series(Oakland vs San Francisco). A same city World Series and in the film he takes Terrence Mann to Red Sox vs Oakland A's game...this is where he sees MoonLight Graham 1922 New York Giants.....
1922 was a Subway Series...
1989 a Same city series involving the Giants who lost in the World Series to the A's. 
Oakland Athletics=155
Kevin Costner=155

I still think James Earl Jones is important to the mix of things. 
James Earl Jones=147, 231(reverse)
National Anthem=147, 231(reverse)
Think about Field of Dreams being about the 1919 White Sox and rigged games too. 
The Hawaii stuff reminds me of Obama and the Lion King...Also all the hype on the new Star Wars Stuff..Solo....

This film was a big piece to why I thought the Indians would be in the World Series in 2016....we even got the death of W.P. Kinsella just before the World Series in September....All the Native American stuff connected to the area I live and the Omaha Indians...

Much more I've documented about this film, but just wanted to re-document some of it as I feel like there was a reason it was brought up today. 
Today also being the 162nd day of the year is fitting for baseball as well. 
162nd regular season game. 
Major League Baseball=162
The Indians are playing the White Sox today as well which is interesting. 

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  1. is was the god bless-ed berenstEin bears... i watched the cartoon, i read the books, i saw the commercials.. it was not fucking berenstain... you would have to torture me to get me to say it wasnt berenstein... cuz it was...
    the mandela effect is real as fuck...