Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Trump Commutes Alice Johnson-Weird Synchronicity with a Phishing Virus-Jazz Jennings Sex Change-Prince Charles

I just woke up and saw this story of a Johnson being commuted. 
Right away I think about how Trump just pardoned Jack JOHNSON. Anyway I went to to look up and see if I could find this womans birthday and when I got to Yahoo a Virus page popped up. It started downloading a file multiple times. I think I got them all deleted now. 

While this was happening I said, What the Fuck and my girlfriend asked me what was wrong....I then said, "I Don't Even Know"...then a few minutes later I explained what happened. 
So I go to my downloads folder to find these files to delete them and the first thing that pops up is a file called "I Don't Even Know". 
What's funny is that I was looking at this story of 63 year old Alice Johnson and this all happened. 
I Dont Even Know=63 and 63(rev red)

I then restarted my computer and when it loaded up. It opened my Internet Explorer browser showing me a bridge...The Sydney Harbour Bridge. I must have somehow clicked on it as I remember this picture being on my login page for my computer, but I didn't mean to click on it if I did. I don't think that I did either as I just clicked on the Login and typed my password in...

I didn't get the screen shot as Yahoo took me to the Virus page but this was the top story when it first went to Yahoo. 
Bottom Surgery=63
Male to Female=63
The virus said it was a "Phishing" virus. 
It's funny as "Sixty Three"=63, and 153 as the number of Fish Jesus caught in the miraculous catch. 

haha amazing I just found another 510...
Transgendered=510(satanic) also 53, 125
North Korea=53, 125
Alice Johnson=53, 125

Jazz getting the surgery on 6/26....
The anniversary of Gay Marriage being legalized. 
Also..."I don't even know"=626(satanic)
We just got the story on 6/4 about the Gay Marriage Cake...
Alice Johnson=64(rev red)=Transgender(rev red)
Think about Jack JOHNSON, Alice JOHNSON....Penis is a Johnson.  Remember just before gay marriage we got Bruce Jenner becoming a previous post I mentioned Jazz Jennings in connection to Katelynn the transgender on MTV's the Real World too. 
MTV changes MoonMAN to MoonPERSON
Katelynn Cusanelli=63
Funny the Bridge thing happened because MTV came out on 8/1/81. 
81 the big bridge number. 

Katelynn was on the Real World: Brooklyn and notice the first episode was called "Brooklyn Bridging". 

Gay marriage legalized by Obama and remember everyone says his wife Michelle is a transgender. 
Notice her bday is 1/17....
Also she's currently 54 years old. 
If you go back and look at the stuff I've documented in regards to transgenders and Michelle Obama it was all about the numbers 54 and 63. I talked about an Amtrak derailment near Trinidad, Colorado which used to be the Sex Change Capital of the World. 
Dr. Stanley Biber being born on 5/4 and starting at the hospital there in 54'. His protegee after he died was a former patient "Marci Bowers"=54 
Coastal Carolina=54=Baseball

I talked about this in June 2016 when Obama was 54 years was when the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers were in the College World series. This was after we had the Cavaliers win the NBA finals and North CAROLINA lose in College basketball and the Carolina Panthers lose in the Super Bowl. 
Cavalier is a follower of King Charles. 
Carolina's named in honor of King Charles. 
King Charles III=134
Joan Rivers=68 and born on 6/8. 
Prince Charles=68=Donald John Trump=Barack Obama
Barbara Bush born on 6/8....68 important to 9/11. 

Thinking about Philadelphia winning the Super Bowl and the 
Fresh Prince reminds me of what I was saying with Prince Charles back then as well. 

Today being 6/6 is also fitting...
Lebron James=66

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